The future is here, an intelligent padlock with fingerprint sensor compatible with HomeKit

We spend our lives dreaming about all those wonderful and innovative technologies that we see in science fiction series and movies: flying cars, neon lights everywhere, completely robotized homes … And we do not realize that, in reality, the future it’s here.

Enjoy the existing technology, enjoy products as wonderful as this padlock we will talk about below. An intelligent padlock with fingerprint sensor and compatibility with HomeKit that will allow you to activate it through Siri and apps.

padlock with fingerprint sensor

In Appleforcast, we have analyzed and recommended all kinds of products related to HomeKit. From colored light bulbs to security cameras. And, today, it has been the turn of this padlock with biometric protection.

A padlock with fingerprint sensor and compatibility with HomeKit, is it worth it?


Let’s start talking about its design, it’s a black padlock with metallic silver edges that gives it a luxurious and bright touch. In the central part of the lock, we see a small square for the fingerprint sensor. And in the lower part has a rubber band, that when opened we have a compartment for a micro USB charging port and a reset button and configuration.

It is extremely easy to use. And also offers the ability to store up to 50 different fingerprints. So we recommend you to configure all the traces of each of your fingers. To configure your fingerprints you just have to keep the reset button pressed a few seconds and place your finger on the sensor a couple of times.

Once configured, place your finger on the fingerprint sensor and a green light will appear next to the sound of the internal mechanism that unlocks the stainless steel latch. Now, you will have to use your hand to open it manually.

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As previously mentioned, Koogeek’s intelligent lock also has compatibility with HomeKit, Apple’s home automation platform. And what does this mean? Well, basically you can control your padlock at all times from the iPhone, from the iPad, and from iPod touch. Even with your mobile data.

So thanks to its compatibility with HomeKit we can add the lock to our home automation accessories from the iOS Home application or with the Koogeek app in order to activate and deactivate its mechanism at the touch of a button.

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But the thing does not end here, no, far from it. The intelligent lock also gives us the possibility to activate it through the services of the virtual assistant of the company of the bitten apple. That is, you should only say “Hey Siri, unlock the lock” with your iPhone or your iPad and its mechanism will be unlocked, giving you 30 seconds for manual opening. Of course, you must remember to change your name from your button in the Home application, by default it is called “Koogeek Lock”.

Finally, the Koogeek L3 padlock has a 280 mAh rechargeable battery that provides a range of up to 30,000 operations. The battery level of the device can be seen from the official Koogeek app, as well as a complete history of the last 100 times you have unlocked it.

Where to buy Koogeek smart padlock


The L3 Fingerprint Lock padlock from Koogeek is available on Amazon. You can only find it in black and silver, but we assure you that its design is spectacular and gives the product an elegant and professional look. Then we leave you with your purchase link.

  • Price: 55.88€
  • Discount coupon: YY6VMI5A
  • Offer after the discount: € 39.08 (Valid until 07/19/2019)

Buy on Amazon

We are happy with the purchase, we use it daily and until now we only have good words from him. Although it is true that a red LED would come in handy to differentiate with the green LED when its mechanism is activated and deactivated (in) correctly. For the rest, it fulfills perfectly its purpose. Very, very recommendable!

This padlock can be given many uses, whether you have a safe at home or simply for the gym locker. But it can also serve to protect things from your backpack, for a drawer, for a suitcase (it’s perfect), to secure your bike’s lock and much more.

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