The glasses of Apple could be the first device in many years in which Jony Ive not intervened

In recent days, great news shook the Apple community as it did not happen in many years. Jony Ive left behind his position as head of design of the company to start his own company, which will continue to serve Apple as a customer in the future. This implies a significant change in the structure of the company, which will now change its responsibility in the areas related to industrial design, and has been quick to raise concerns about it.

According to a report that Bloomberg recently published, this is not a movement that has happened overnight. Jony Ive has been moving away from Apple for several years, gradually leaving his responsibilities inside, to the point that he only visited the headquarters a couple of times a week.

Apple Glasses

This is perfectly normal since he has spent more than 25 years with the Cupertino in a really stressful position, which has been able to contribute significantly to the success of Apple. Now others will do it, under the command of the new head of industrial design, Evans Hankey.

In any case, Jony Ive is already part of the company’s past, and now it’s time to think about the future. A future in which Apple wants to remain at the forefront, with technologies such as augmented reality. In this sense, the RA glasses that have been rumored so much are one of the major priorities, which will now be designed by a new team. All with the intention of making them as revolutionary as they were the iPhone or iPod.

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But this change will not only affect the way the company designs its products, but it will also affect Apple’s efficiency. From now on, the design team will respond to Jeff Williams, chief of operations, and not directly to Tim Cook, as Sir Ive did. This adds a further barrier of bureaucracy, which will have to be seen if it has any kind of effect in the coming years. For now, we just have to continue contemplating the evolution in the products that are to come.

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