This case for iPhone shows how it is inside and is amazing

The importance of having a good cover for some of our devices goes beyond the protection factor that it presents. If it is resistant to blows and falls and resells a design of those that draw attention, perhaps we can say that we have found the perfect cover. Yes, the one that when you leave the iPhone on the table is the object of all eyes.

The friends of iFixit, famous for gutting all kinds of electronic devices and showing us the steps to fix our iPhone or iPad, have embarked on the adventure of offering some cases that do not leave indifferent. If you want to know more, the interesting thing is that you take a look at this article, because it has no waste.

iPhone Case

Some covers that show us the interior of our device

The covers offered by iFixit are made of thermoplastic polyurethane, a material capable of absorbing the blows quite correctly, but the best is yet to come. They come printed with the inside of your device as if it were going through an X-ray machine and let you see all its latticework. Sounds good, does not it?

iPhone case 1

The covers have a very attractive price, do not reach $10, and make shipping to our country. Do not worry if you are one of those who resist switching devices, they are available from the iPhone 6 to the latest releases in 2018, those of the iPhone XS and the iPhone XR. Guaranteed for life, surely you want to do already with yours. Do not hesitate, here we leave the purchase link so you can make your order. What do you expect to stop that point other than your device?

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Although we recommend that you look for a good group of friends before placing your order, it is better to order several at the same time, since the shipping costs are over 16 dollars, almost double the weight. If you still have other types of tastes or do not want to pay so much for shipping, in this article we recommend the covers that have the best valuation on Amazon.

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