The Home app will undergo an unexpected change in iOS 13

The iOS Home app is a real wonder that allows users to control their home automation accessories, gadgets, and devices directly from their iPhone and iPad.

It is a very simple to use, fully customizable app, and in addition to providing control over the activation and deactivation of HomeKit compatible accessories … it also offers the possibility of creating environments with multiple actions and even automating tasks based on the schedule or on the location of your iPhone and iPad.

In autumn Apple will update its HomeKit platform providing new features such as video security and expanding automation functions. But there is another very unexpected change that had gone unnoticed in iOS 13 …

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A curious novelty of the Casa app on iOS 13

The iOS and iPadOS Home application show you a series of buttons for each home automation product that appears every time you configure and synchronize each accessory with the HomeKit platform. Therefore, it is logical to think that the fewer buttons there are, the more bearable is home automation management.

That is why Apple has decided to introduce a curious change in the Home application. Starting with iOS 13, and the first version of iPadOS, there will be fewer buttons available on the control panels of your rooms in the Home app.

With iOS 12, if a product offers several functionalities (such as measuring humidity, temperature or motion sensors) then it also shows several interactive buttons in the Home application. But this will stop happening with iOS 13.

For example, in my Home application, I have three different elements for a single product. The Netatmo smart indoor camera features a button for its motion sensor, a button for its occupancy sensor and, of course, a button with real-time images of the security camera

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