The latest concept of folding iPhone is the most successful to date

Since the first smartphones appeared in the mid-2000s, characterized by their touch screen and rectangular format, they have changed their design very little. They have stylized and incorporated larger panels, as well as they,  have used different materials for their construction, but they are not far from their predecessors.

This 2019 has marked a turning point with folding smartphones. A concept is as revolutionary as it is expensive. Some of the manufacturers that have shown a terminal with these characteristics are Samsung, Huawei or Xiaomi. Apple has not yet shown signs of wanting to make a folding iPhone even though there are some patents applying this concept. Even Samsung has sent you folding panels to take a look.

folding iPhone

The opinion is divided on the folding iPhone. If it is a current that ends up liking consumers, the safest thing is for Apple to make one, and it should be noted in the following concept that even shows what the packaging would be like.

The ultimate folding iPhone concept

This idea has come from the head of the graphic designer Antonio De Rosa and collected by the guys from 9to5Mac. It shows what a 6.6-inch foldable iPhone X would look like, but when it unfolds it reveals a large 8.3-inch screen. The resolution of pixels per inch would be 514 “Super Retina”.

Another point that focuses is how iOS would adapt to the screen displayed, slightly changing the interface to show full-size widgets like Time. When folded, on the side, there are quick accesses to Music, Time and Siri, among others.

The packaging would also change with respect to the previous iPhone generations. Being foldable the box would be triangular, a nice touch that sets it apart from other models and manufacturers.

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Like it or not, this is just a concept and it is very unlikely that we will see a folding iPhone with this shape.

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