What to expect from the Apple keynote on March 25?

Next Monday, March 25 we have Apple’s keynote and this may be one of the most important in recent years. This week Apple wanted to clear all doubts, if there were any, shadow the central point of the event. Once all the hardware is presented, the event will focus on services.

Tim Cook will be on stage at the Steve Jobs Theater next Monday, he will say good morning and will show two new services that will represent a new cornerstone of the company. Apple does not usually take false steps and services are going to be important from now on.

Apple keynote

It’s Showtime

The invitation seemed to make it clear that Apple’s video and movie service will be the focus of attention during the keynote. But in addition to this, Apple could also announce another subscription service to magazines and newspapers. This is what we know about both.

Both services could be an evolution of two applications that Apple already has available, the TV app and Apple News. These two services will improve and Apple will count a payment of them in the form of a subscription.

Apple Video

As we have known recently, Apple’s video service will not be like the rest. Apple has chosen to be both producer and platform. This means that the rest of the services are welcome in the Apple system that can even set the prices. Other platforms such as HBO and Amazon Video could be included in this service, although Netflix will not be added at the moment.

Apple has several series and films in production and many of them have already finished shooting. It is likely that we will see several of its protagonists on stage as it is rumored that the event will be attended by several Hollywood stars.

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How much will it cost?

As for the price, it ‘s all a mystery. On some occasions, it has been speculated that users of Apple devices could access a certain part of the catalog for free.

It has also been rumored with a possible subscription “Apple Premium” in which we would have access to all the services of the company: Apple Music, Apple Video, Apple News and even some extra GB in iCloud. Little else is known and we will have to wait for the event.

Where will it be available?

Another interesting question is difficult to answer. Although feeling a lot for the users of non-Anglo-Saxon countries, it is likely that at first, it will only be available in the English-speaking countries: USA, UK, Canada, and Australia.

It is very unlikely that Apple’s video service will arrive at the same time Spain, Mexico and the rest of Latin America, although you never know, Apple Music was launched worldwide.

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Apple News

Another of the most rumored services is that of magazines and newspapers. There are great names that have already joined the project and everything indicates that we will also see it in the keynote on Monday, although it probably does not capture as many focuses as the video service.

Apple acquired a company called Texture a long time ago that offered a subscription of $ 9.99 and you could enjoy more than 200 magazines. Apple’s plan is to do something similar but with a deeper catalog and important newspapers.

Being a service in which it is essential to reach agreements with newspapers and magazines in each country, it is even more difficult for us to see it outside the US than the video service.

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