The Malicious App That Has Been Installed 100 Million Times

If You Have This App On Your Android Phone, Delete It Now

When you install an app, you never know what it could possibly drag onto your phone. For example, an app on the Google Play Store called CamScanner – Phone PDF was actually a legitimate list at first launch. The app was used to scan documents and manage the digital image on a phone. But according to security research company Kaspersky “However, at some point, that changed, and recent versions of the app shipped with an advertising library containing a malicious module”. Researchers involved in the app investigation say that it is possible that the developer didn’t even know it.

The problem here is that this backdoor has become part of the app and can initiate payloads from malicious servers. The report says that as a result, module owners can use an infected device to their advantage in the way they see fit, from intrusive advertising to the victim to stealing money from their mobile account.  And since the app has been installed more than 100 million times, this is a very serious issue.

This malicious app has been installed 100 million times

But our early warning system worked again. As Kaspersky points out, “negative user reviews that have been left over the past month have indicated the presence of unwanted features”. This is something that Android users, in particular, should do before installing an app from a developer they are not familiar with. Most likely, you are not the first user to install a malicious app, so check the most recent revisions; check the most recent revisions and once again for the west coast: check the most recent revisions. This is where you’ll find complaints and comments about strange experiences with an app. These are intermittent red warning signs.


If you have the app on your phone, uninstall it immediately. Ironically, it seems that the backdoor has been removed from the app before Google removed the app from the Play Store. Meanwhile, another version of the app called CamScanner HD-Scanner, Fax remains in the Google Play Store and is apparently clean. It has been installed more than 1 million times, although, at this point, we recommend uninstalling it. Why risk it?

Google Play Protect To scan apps before and after installing them

In February, Google stated that it is blocking the inclusion of more malware in the Google Play store. But in this specific situation, the app seemed okay and without any problems for some time. Meanwhile, Google Play Protect should scan apps before and after installing them in an attempt to keep the malware out of your Android device. Google says it scans 50 billion apps a day.

“All Android apps undergo rigorous security testing before appearing in the Google Play Store. We vet every app and developer in Google Play and suspend those who violate our policies. Then, Play Protect scans billions of apps daily to make sure everything remains spot on. That way, no matter where you download an app from, you know it’s been checked by Google Play Protect.”- Google

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Some of the latest malware-loaded apps are almost impossible to uninstall because the icons disappear after installing the app. Many of them show ads in the background creating a big payday for bad actors. Some will send text messages via paid platforms and the phone owner will not notice anything until premium text messages are charged. To protect itself from malicious apps, Google suggests refraining from uploading apps and making sure to adhere to the installation of all apps “from trusted sources like Google Play Store“. Surely you see the problem with that comment. However, we have no idea how much worse this problem would be without Google Play Protect.

Meanwhile, what will you do before installing a developer app you’ve never heard of? Check the latest reviews.

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