These are the more than 25 changes found in the beta 2 of iOS 13

Apple released iOS 13 a few weeks ago with a lot of news and the second beta came to users last week. You already know that you can install it, you can do it without having to be a developer, and the arrival of beta 2 has brought back the profiles, so installing iOS 13 or iPadOS beta is easier than before.

But the arrival of the profiles has not been the only novelty, the second beta of iOS 13 and iPadOS comes with significant improvements that add to the more than 100 news that we told a few days ago.

iOS 13

All the news that comes with the beta 2 of iOS 13 and iPadOS

The first betas of an operating system are those that bring more changes when the final release is close everything is much more stable. These are some of the changes found in iOS 13 and iPadOS beta 2:

  • The search animation in the Calendar appears down instead of from the side.
  • When you edit photos in the Photos application and cut them, “Reset” will no longer appear until you crop the photo.
  • New portrait mode called High-Key Light Mono.
  • The welcome screen for the reminders has been modified
  • New welcome screen to Maps that shows the new features.
  • New welcome screens in the Casa application for Apple TV and HomePod.
  • In the HomePod configuration within the Casa application, the Update listening history option is now a menu where you have new options such as “Follow user” and “Never”.
  • New Memoji stickers that represent silence, think, cross your fingers and peace
  • New “new note” icon in Notes.
  • When you touch the ellipses in Notes, it now says “Select notes …” before it would only say “Select” and we also have a cancellation button.
  • By creating a list in Notes we can automatically move the marked items to the end of the list.
  • Subscriptions are displayed under the Apple ID in Settings.
  • The SMB protocol is now available.
  • iOS 13 beta 2 is now able to read discs with APFS format.
  • The Wi-Fi address returns to the HomePod configuration.
  • The voice control, Voice Control, now has an icon when it is enabled. It dims automatically when the phone does not have your attention.
  • There is a new sound when you use Tapback in messages.
  • When you create a list in Notes, you can automatically move the marked items to the end of the list
  • In Reminders, we have new options when editing a list of reminders.
  • Sending responses without reading confirmation is now an option when sending a message with Siri.
  • 3D Touch seems to work again.
  • 3D Touch now has a small noise that accompanies it.
  • We can change the depth effect in the background settings.
  • New option “Show previews of links” in the Safari settings.
  • When sharing a web page in Safari, there is a new option to save as a PDF or Web Archive.
  • New user interface “Now sounds” in CarPlay with more focus on the album art.
  • You can slide to the left to access the menu in CarPlay.

This has been our compilation with the most important novelties of the second beta of iOS 13 , within a few days will come the third version and hopefully the public beta that will come with more features and stability.

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