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Steps to replace Apple Maps with Waze in Carplay

Steps to replace Apple Maps with Waze in Carplay

Google Maps landed on CarPlay from iOS version 12, but now you can also use Waze officially as a navigation option with the Apple platform in the car.

Waze is another mobile navigation application that has become very popular, this application has intelligent routing functions which are based on crowdsourcing data among its users. Also, Waze will help drivers avoid traffic jams and find directions in the best and fastest route possible.

Waze provides real-time directions as these are adjusted on the fly to take into account various types of obstacles.

How does it work?

Today there are several applications and software directed by GPS, including pre-installed in the interface of the board of the most modern cars. Most do a respectable job when it comes to navigation, some include the function of taking into account the congestion and other factors that could alter the total time of the route to the final destination.

However, the application of Waze is a little different, because here you will have millions of users sharing information in real time to guide you through the correct paths and to avoid any impediment that may slow down your progress.

These users who share the information are known as Wazers, their contribution is to alert other drivers about important elements such as police activity, accidents, buildings and even other things that may be minor, but also must be taken into account as potholes, or vehicles autonomous for the disabled.

Waze will have all that information for you perfectly and will predict the precise arrival times. Also, it will adapt the directions in turn while driving, which will help to travel the rural roads and the city with great confidence.

Steps to replace Apple Maps with Waze in Carplay

How to replace Apple Maps with Waze in your iOS?

  1. First of all, you should make sure that the version of your iOS device is 12 and up. You should also download the latest version of Waze from the App Store.
  2. After downloading Waze, you must go to the Device Settings.
  3. Press the General button and then press CarPlay.
  4. Choose your car
  5. Then, a black background screen will open up where all the applications that are synchronized with your car will appear.
  6. You will have to remove the one from Apple Maps and look for Waze on the second page and move it towards the main one by pressing the app with your finger and moving it to the left.

To use other apps in your car you will have to apply the same procedure just mentioned. Some of these other apps can be for example Spotify, WhatsApp, YouTube, etc., which are now all available thanks to CarPlay updates.

Finally, it should be noted that Waze is a highly customizable application. You can select between 2D or 3D screens and among a dozen voices available in almost all popular languages. It also has the ability to alternate the appearance of the app between light mode or dark mode. Perfect if you are sailing day or night.

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