This is how the iOS 13 apps look with dark mode on compared to the light mode

One of the great novelties of iOS 13 is the new dark mode, it is a way that not only changes the background color, but it also goes much further than we told you a few days ago. However it is a mode that is not yet complete as many third-party apps -ejem WhatsApp- still do not have a dark mode and opening them is strange.

However, all the system apps include their own version compatible with dark mode and today we will analyze all the changes that occur in these applications thanks to this mode and iOS 13.

iOS 13 apps Dark mode

Dark mode vs Light mode in iOS 13

For this comparison we have selected the vast majority of Apple’s native applications that are included in iOS 13, some as Activity, Watch or Watch was already black and have maintained this design, so they have no changes in this comparison.


Messages are one of the apps where the change between dark and light mode is most noticeable, the whole background will now be black and the chats will appear in a dark gray.


Perhaps in Photos, the change due to the new design is not appreciated so much, however in other sections if the dark background is seen more. The transparencies of the new options and bars of the new app also change a lot.


Another of those apps that change almost completely since the background goes from white to black, it is possible that certain colors are highlighted more in dark mode.


The phone app and the contacts are very similar in both modes, we only change the white background for a black one.


The Health app has been redesigned now its style is very successful I could not decide if it is better with the clear mode or with the dark mode.

Settings and Time of use

In the adjustments, we clearly notice the difference between the two modes, perhaps in the section time and use is where this change is most highlighted due to the different colors.


One of the apps in which the change between dark mode and clear mode is more emphasized, we recall that the maps come with many improvements in iOS 13 and one of them is this new mode.


The music app has also been slightly redesigned and the change is visible to the naked eye, except for the option in which the lyrics appear that are similar in both modes.


Another app where the dark mode has changed the design a lot, now we still have a dark granular background that simulates being a sheet of paper.

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No doubt dark mode gives a different touch to the entire interface of iOS 13 and sure that with the passage of betas the design of many of these apps with the dark activated mode is being perfected.

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