Three women have stolen up to 16 iPhone in the Apple Store of Bay Area in California

During the last summer, a great wave of robberies happened in the Apple Stores of California. In fact, they once robbed twice in 24 hours in the same store. We even saw a robbery by the moon landing in the Apple Store on Colon Street in Valencia.

In this year 2019, the thing seems to have calmed down a lot. We haven’t seen many news about thefts in the Apple Store this summer. But today we have learned that three women have stolen a total of 16 iPhone products in an Apple Store in California.

iphone Bay Area

The Apple Store in question is located on Broadway Plaza, in the Bay Area area, California, in the state of Los Angeles, United States.

This is how the events happened

According to Walnut Creek police, via Cult of Mac, three women entered the Apple Store on Broadway Plaza on August 11, picked up multiple terminals and ran. They fled in a silver Honda Civic vehicle driven by a man.

Security cameras collected images of the theft, and the women are completely recognizable. Only one of them wore a hood but her face was exposed.

Apple Stores in the Bay Area area are, unfortunately, a very frequent target for thieves. So much so, that this summer some thieves stole from the Apple Store in Valencia (California) at gunpoint.

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Although the stolen iPhone, iPad and other Apple products are virtually useless, thieves can take advantage to sell them for parts on the black market and earn good money at the expense of the company of the bitten apple. What do you think about these robberies in Apple Stores?

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