A Foxconn worker filters new information on the iPhone 11

Gradually September is approaching and with it will come the presentation of the new iPhone by Apple. Now that the name seems to have been confirmed as iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max just appeared new information that comes in theory from an alleged Foxconn worker.

The email with the information has appeared on the Chinese website of Antutu, so it is in perfect Chinese. This supposed worker has given 10 keys to the new iPhone and some of them are new and we had never heard them before.

iPhone 11

The color green could be an option on the iPhone 11

Of course, we cannot confirm the origin of the note, but the website states that the source is legitimate and trustworthy. Some of the details we already knew, but others are completely new.

Using the translator, we can try to reveal the 10 points with information about the iPhone 11 that uses this source:

  • The Max version of the iPhone 11 will feature a 3,969 mAh battery, for the 3,716 mAh of the current model. A battery boost is something we had heard before.
  • We will have a total of 4 colors, dark green will be added to those already present. Both green and Space Gray glass will have a matte texture.
  • We will continue with the same 5V and 1A charger.
  • We will have a triple camera on the new iPhone.
  • There are no changes to the front panel or the mute button.
  • The memory options will remain 64, 256 and 512 GB.
  • The word iPhone under the Apple logo will disappear.
  • The dark green color is the prettiest of this year.
  • We will have a double layer motherboard.
  • They will continue to use the Lightning connector.

From some of these rumors we had already heard something, however, at no time, we had heard anything of green color. Yes, we hope that the successor of the iPhone XR has new colors, but there were no rumors that the other two models incorporated a fourth color, it can be a claim to improve sales.

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Yes, we had heard something related to frosted glass, however, the rumors have not been very constant in this regard, this new account ensures that the matte green iPhone 11 will be the most beautiful of all. Each time there is less to leave doubts, although we expect a few weeks of leaks, the last days before a presentation are the ones that reveal more information.

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