Top time-management apps for students

time-managementFor most students, time management is a serious problem that goes unresolved most of the time. This may be because they feel that time planning takes too much time or something does not go as planned.

The best way to start managing your time is to delegate some of your assignments to those who can make them perfectly done. For example, don’t hesitate to pay for research paper or any essay writing if you feel like you’re not handling it yourself.

The next step is organizing your life by choosing time-management apps that will work best for you. Here are top time-management apps that will make your college life easier.

TIME Planner

What’s the benefit: It allows you to effectively plan tasks and control time.

The app for iOS devices offers to schedule tasks for the day in different categories. When creating tasks, the user sets the start and end times, an audible reminder, and, if necessary, sets task recurrence intervals.

You can also link a task to a location and set a reminder of what you need to do when you visit a certain place.

The app can analyze your actions and draw a graph that shows how much time was allocated to the category of tasks according to the plan and what the result was. These statistics allow you to track your performance.

TIME Planner is a useful thing for people who want to increase their productivity and do better in their writing assignments.


What’s the benefit: blocks access to social networks and entertainment sites for a certain period.

In the life of each of us from time to time, there are very stressful periods when you need to connect all reserves to perform a large number of tasks, essay writing, doing research papers, etc. Even in such difficult times, there are a lot of students that harm themselves by wasting precious time on social networks and other extraneous entertainment.

Mostly they do it because of habit, not noticing how time is running out. Of course, you can slap your hands every time you try to look at Facebook or Twitter, but it’s easier to install SelfControl on your computer.

The program will allow you to create a blacklist of distracting sites, after which access to them will be stopped for the time interval that you set. Even if you reboot the system it will not change this mode.

Focus Booster

What’s the benefit: It helps you organize your work in cycles efficiently.

This free application is based on the tried-and-tested Pomodoro time management technique. Its essence is to alternate work intervals and short rest intervals. For example, you can allocate 10-15 minutes of rest for every hour of work. Focus Booster is a timer with an audible alarm that is set when a task is completed.


What is the use: repeatedly reminds you of the need to perform a certain task at a certain time.

Application for iPhone and iPad will be useful to those who do not trust their memory and do not like to leave reminders in the notebook. Let’s say you have to write a letter to someone, but you can’t do it right now.

If you have the Due app installed, you can “ask” it to remind you to do something at a certain time, for example, you’ve decided to find best services on reddit that would help you with your paper assignments or dissertation writing but you can’t do it right now, so you schedule it for three hours later. At the designated time, the app will start beeping and won’t stop until you either respond to the reminder or change the time.

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What’s the benefit: A simple and easy-to-use personal time recording tool without extra features.

Free app available in the AppStore. Produces minimalistic charts of Daily Donut reports, which show interesting information about time consumption and productivity. You can see what you should spend more time on and what you should cut back on.


What’s useful: it allows you to keep track of your time and gives you results in different formats.

Another free and very useful timekeeping application. It takes a few minutes to enter the data. As a result, you can get statistics by day, week, and month in the form of graphs and charts. The application allows you to generate reports of different types and formats to analyze the results.


What’s the benefit: It keeps track of what you spend your time on when you’re sitting at your computer.

By installing ManicTime, you are agreeing to constant monitoring, as all your activities are recorded. But it’s better to just forget about it and concentrate on your work.

The program will keep track of which applications you use the most, and which sites you spend most of your time on. Thus, it will help you evaluate how effectively you use your time. Based on the data you get, you can draw appropriate conclusions about your productivity.

Application activity is recorded as differently colored time slots on a common timeline. Each application has its own color.


What’s the benefit: It helps you focus on the main task at hand.

The program is similar to ManicTime, but you can install it on both your computer and phone (iOS or Android). RescueTime generates detailed reports, showing which apps and sites are spending the most time. Additional reports show how productive you are and whether you’re meeting your goals.

Weekly reports are emailed to users with a brief analysis of their activity and performance evaluation.

The premium version allows you to block access to sites that distract from your main work, record offline activity (phone calls, negotiations, commuting, etc.).


What’s the use: allows you to make to-do lists not only with the keyboard but also with your voice.

Free task manager is available for Android, iPhone, Chrome, and Web. Features an intuitive interface and ease of use – everything is done literally in two clicks. If you are too lazy to write, you can enter tasks by voice.

One of the 10 must-have apps by the New York Times and the #1 must-have app by PC Magazine. Allows you to add a time or place convenient for the reminder, share tasks with friends and colleagues. Syncs with Passbook.


What’s the benefit: It frees you from having to memorize multiple tasks and helps you focus on one thing at a time.

The service is based on David Allen’s famous Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology, which teaches you to focus on the current task and not get distracted by additional tasks. It works from any mobile device or computer with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer browsers.

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Chaos Control

What is the benefit: it gets rid of the stress that comes from the chaotic and disparate tasks, allows you to get everything in order.

The service supports all major mobile platforms and is available from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. The main function of the application is to clearly define the actions necessary to achieve the goals, as well as to control their implementation. It allows you to combine goals and objectives into projects, systematizes them, and ensures their implementation.

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