Twitter Is Testing A Feature That Allows The Author Of A Tweet To Hide The Answers

Twitter today announced on its blog that it is testing a feature that will allow members to hide responses to their tweets. The social media company says the tests are conducted in the US, Canada, and Japan. Even when an answer is hidden, it can be seen by anyone who wants to read it. This option will be displayed in an original tweet only if there is a hidden response to the login. The original author of a tweet who decides to hide a reply can turn around and view it at any time.

To hide a reply, the author of a tweet will tap the  \/  icon in a reply. Select hide reply and confirm. To see the answers that have been hidden, the author of a tweet will tap the hidden answer icon at the bottom right of the author’s original tweet. Anyone can see a hidden answer by tapping the  \/ icon in the answer and selecting Unhide reply. If someone with another account responds to a hidden reply, the hidden answer will be replaced with a warning that the tweet is not available.

“We’re currently testing a feature where people in the US, Canada, and Japan will be able to hide replies to their Tweets. Hidden replies will be hidden for everyone around the world.”- Twitter

Currently, Twitter is testing this feature in twitter apps for iOS

Twitter states that it is currently testing this feature in Twitter apps for iOS and Android and for The test will last several weeks. Interestingly, after a test of this feature in Canada, Twitter members says that are more likely to reconsider the response to a tweet after having a hidden answer. Twitter states that 27% of its subscribers who did this during the tests. They would reconsider how they would respond to others on Twitter in the future.

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Those who posted a tweet stated that they had hidden the answers they considered irrelevant, offensive or incomprehensible. And since some members have said that hiding their answer could cause confusion or frustration. Twitter will ask those who decide to hide a reply. If they want to block the account from which the reply comes. Blocking this account could generate less stress on a social network site as sophisticated as possible.

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