Uber Eats lets you track your order, now with cute graphics

Uber Eats is revealing a noteworthy application overhaul that utilizes adorable graphics to offer progressively nitty-gritty data on the advancement of your request.

Previously, the food-delivery service offered essential updates that let you know your supper was being readied and when it was en route, yet the new application reveals to you that your request has been acknowledged, when it’s being readied, and when the messenger is on his or her way to the eatery. This is trailed by another update telling you that the messenger is traveling your path together with a guide demonstrating their course, and, at long last when they’ve arrived. You’ll likewise observe a commencement clock demonstrating to you how long until your supper is probably going to arrive at your entryway.

In a blog entry presenting the new-look application, Andy Szybalski, Uber Eats’ worldwide head of item configuration, said it additionally conveys new highlights to all the more likely handle delays and different occasions.

For instance, if your request gets held up or dropped, the application will offer specific data on what’s going on and why. Should you have to, you’ll likewise have the capacity to contact your dispatch even before they get your request. Improved help by means of call or talk has additionally been consolidated into the patched up Uber Eats application.

With its charming loveliness, the patched-up application is absolutely simpler on the eye and gives you a more clear thought of how your request is going along so can prepare and do different things meanwhile.

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Szybalski says his group touched base at the new search for the application following criticism from the Uber Eats people group.

The update is accessible now for iOS, Android and the versatile web in 16 urban communities internationally, including San Francisco, Miami, and Washington, D.C. in the U.S., with its whole network expected to approach in “the coming months,” as indicated by the organization.

Uber Eats works in excess of 300 areas over the U.S. What’s more, in hundreds of additional spots far and wide, and has organizations with in excess of 100,000 eateries, including everything from cheap food chains to extravagant dinners. The service propelled in 2015, mostly to give Uber drivers extra winning open doors amid calm occasions in the day when fewer individuals take rides

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