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How to Unlock LG V10 Bootloader

Recently LG started to let its lead gadget clients open the bootloader on their gadgets. Be that as it may, until today, just the LG G4 and G5 were upheld to be formally bootloader unlockable. However, because of LG’s proceeded with enthusiasm for giving clients a chance to encounter opportunity on their gadgets. Furthermore, the organization has today included help to Unlock LG V10 Bootloader.

Starting at now, the H960A variation of LG v10 running Android Marshmallow in the whole European market (aside from France) is bolstered. However, we trust more variations of the gadget will before long be included. Although, first we’re amazingly content with the whole European market too.

LG V10 Bootloader

Method for opening the bootloader formally through LG’s designer site is the same for all (G4, G5, and V10)… So we’ll be following a similar guide we composed some time back for the opening bootloader on LG V10. However, you’ll need to be careful while following all the steps. Because one single mistake can cost you your entire device. How about we begin..

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Instructions to Unlock LG V10 Bootloader

Step 1: Setup ADB and Fastboot on your PC.

Step 2: Join on LG Developer site. Go to this connection and register for LG Developer Member.

Step 3: Login with your recently actuated Developer account on LG site, and go to this connect to fill in your Device data that is required to get the bootloader unlock.bin record from LG.

Step 4: On the gadget data page, fill in your Name, Email, select your Phone show (H960A for LG V10), fill in your IMEI number and finally fill in the Device ID that we will find in the steps into the Device ID field on the structure.

Enable USB Debugging mode:

Step 5: Empower USB Debugging and OEM Unlock on your LG V10:

  • Go to Settings » About tablet » and tap Build number multiple times to empower Developer alternatives.
  • Return to Settings » select Developer alternatives » empower USB investigating and OEM Unlocking.

Step 6: Open an order window on your PC, interface your gadget to the PC utilizing a USB link and issue the accompanying direction to boot your V10 into bootloader mode:

adb reboot bootloader

Now, the Step 7: When your device is in bootloader mode, issue the accompanying order to get your one of a kind Device ID code:

fastboot oem gadget id

Step 8: You’ll get your special Device ID as appeared in the model beneath:

Model Device ID (DON'T attempt to utilize it for your gadget)

(bootloader)- - - - -

(bootloader) Device-ID

(bootloader) CD58B679A38D6B613ED518F37A05E013

(bootloader) F93190BD558261DBBC5584E8EF8789B1

(bootloader)- - - - -

Step 9: Join the two lines of Device ID into one line and glue it into the structure we left opened in Step 4 above.

according to the model appeared in Step 7, the joined Device ID will resemble this:

Model Device ID (DON’T endeavor to utilize it for your gadget)


Step 10: Hit the affirm button on the structure once you’re finished filling the subtleties. Once your IMEI and Device ID subtleties are right. You’ll get an Email from LG Developer site with the unlock.bin document appended.

Using unlock.bin to unlock bootloader:

Step 11: Download the unlock.bin document on your PC and spare it a different envelope on your PC.

Step 12: Now open another direction window inside the organizer where you spared the unlock.bin document in Step 10 above. For this, press and hold “Ctrl + Shift” and right snap on an unfilled void area inside the envelope, and after that select “Open direction window here” from the setting menu.

Step 13: When direction window is opened inside the envelope, issue the accompanying order to streak the unlock.bin document and open the bootloader on your LG V10:

fastboot streak open unlock.bin

Step 14: To verify if the bootloader has unlocked effectively, issue the accompanying direction:

fastboot getvar unlocked

You’ll get the “unlocked: yes” message to affirm that bootloader is now unlocked. If not, possibly attempt after a reboot.

Step 15: To boot your gadget into the framework, just issue the accompanying order:

fastboot reboot

Step 16: All your gadget information will most likely be deleted. So set it up again and mess around with the unlocked bootloader from here on.

That’s it in a nutshell. We trust the guide above help you unlock bootloader on your LG V10.

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