A Complete Guide on How to Watch IMDb TV Online

Ever wondered if you could watch a wide selection of movies and television shows online for free? Well, you’re in luck! IMDB TV, an ad-supported streaming service, is here to save the day! But, bear in mind, although the service is completely free, you will have to endure a few ads along the way. Nevertheless, it’s a small price to pay for access to such an expansive media library. For those who prefer an ad-free experience, Amazon Prime Video, being a sibling service under the same ownership, offers some of IMDB TV’s content. So get ready to learn how to watch IMDb TV online and binge-watch all your favorite series and movies.

In this guide, we’ll not only introduce you to the world of IMDB TV, but we’ll also walk you through the process of setting up an account, browsing, and selecting content to watch. Whether you’re a novice or a tech-savvy user, our step-by-step instructions will help you navigate this platform with ease. By the end of this post, you’ll be able to watch IMDb TV online, ready to dive into and experience a wide array of cinematic treasures!

watch IMDb TV online

Understanding IMDB TV

IMDB TV, a subsidiary of the Internet Movie Database (IMDB), is a free streaming service that provides access to a wide variety of movies and TV shows interspersed with advertisements. Unlike other Amazon-owned services, you don’t need an Amazon Prime subscription to enjoy IMDB TV. Simply access it through a web browser on your computer or download the free app onto your phone or streaming device. As an added bonus, Amazon Prime members can also view IMDB TV content via the Prime Video site or app.

Getting Started with IMDB TV

Setting up your IMDB TV account is quite straightforward. It offers you a range of options, including logging in with your existing IMDB, Facebook, Google, or Amazon account, or creating a new IMDB account.

  1. Navigate to IMDB’s Website

    Start by opening your preferred web browser and go to Look for the “Sign In” option located in the upper right corner of the page. Click on it.

  2. Choose a Sign-In Method

    After clicking the “Sign In” button, you will be directed to the sign-in page. Here, you will be given several options to sign in. You can choose to use your existing IMDB account credentials, or alternatively, you can log in using your Facebook, Google, or Amazon account. Select your preferred method.

  3. Enter Login Credentials or Create a New Account

    If you choose to log in with an existing account, simply input your login details for that account and proceed. If you don’t have an account, you’ll need to create one. For that, you’ll need to click on the “Create Account” button.

  4. Fill Out the New Account Information

    If you’re creating a new account, you will be directed to the account creation page. Here, you’ll need to enter your details, such as your email address and chosen password. Once you’ve filled out the necessary information, click on “Create your IMDB Account“.

  5. Enjoy the IMDB Website

    After you’ve logged in or created a new account, you will be redirected back to the main IMDB website. You are now ready to explore the vast library of content that IMDB offers.

Navigating IMDB TV

Once you’re signed in, browsing through IMDB TV is a breeze. Whether you’re searching for something specific using the Advanced Title Search or casually browsing through the list of shows and movies on the main IMDB TV page, you’ll find the interface highly intuitive. Simply click on your preferred show or movie, and it will start playing instantly.

watch IMDb TV online

Utilizing the IMDB TV Watchlist

IMDB TV provides a handy feature known as the Watchlist. You can add any movie or show you stumble upon to your Watchlist, regardless of whether it’s available on IMDB TV or not. This allows you to keep track of what you want to watch. It works similarly to other watchlists or queues on other services, though it might be slightly confusing at first as it redirects you to the regular IMDB listing of the show or movie you want to watch.

  1. Start by selecting a show or movie you’d like to add to your watchlist. Hover your cursor over the desired content and click on the “+” icon situated in the upper left corner.
  2. To access your watchlist, regardless of where you are on the IMDB site, select the ‘Watchlist‘ option, which is located in the top right corner of the page.
  3. On reaching your watchlist, pick any show or movie. This will redirect you to its respective IMDB page.
  4. Finally, from the IMDB page of the selected title, you have the option to ‘Watch Free on IMDB TV‘. Click it, and enjoy your movie or show.

Watch IMDb TV online on Your Mobile Device

Watching IMDB TV on your phone, tablet, or streaming device is made possible in two ways. You can either use the IMDB TV app or watch via the Prime Video app if you have an Amazon Prime subscription. Simply download the app from your device’s respective app store, log in, or create an account, and start enjoying your favorite shows and movies.

Watch IMDB TV Online via the Prime Video App

Prime Video app, available to Amazon Prime subscribers, offers access to a wealth of content including the entire IMDB TV library. After downloading the Prime Video app from the device’s respective store (app store, Google Play, or Roku) you can watch IMDB TV online by launching the app and tapping on the IMDB TV icon. Simply choose your movie or show, click ‘Play movie free with ads‘, and let the entertainment begin!

watch IMDb TV online

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Wrapping Up

In conclusion, IMDB TV is a versatile, user-friendly, and free platform that brings a vast library of movies and TV shows right to your fingertips. While the presence of ads might be a drawback for some, it’s a small trade-off for a service that doesn’t cost a penny. So, go ahead, sign up, and start streaming your favorite shows today!

Finally, let’s remember that IMDB TV, beyond offering a plethora of free content, allows you to streamline your viewing experience. Whether it’s by creating personalized watchlists or downloading the dedicated app on your mobile device, IMDB TV ensures you’re always a few clicks away from your favorite entertainment. So why wait? Set off on a streaming spree with IMDB TV, and revel in the convenience and comfort it brings to your entertainment routine!

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