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How To Unsend Messages On Facebook Messenger

Facebook has announced that it would add a feature to its Messenger apps that would allow users to send a message. There was no real ETA on when the feature would be implemented, but now it has been implemented for all users, all over the world. You can send messages on Facebook Messenger within a certain period of time. Sending a message allows you to delete a message both from your side and from the recipient, but leaves a trace.

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Unsend messages on Facebook Messenger

This feature is available in Facebook Messenger apps for iOS and Android. Make sure you update the app to the latest version available.

  1. Open Facebook Messenger and send a message. Tap and hold until you see the reaction bar. At the same time, you will see a bar appear at the bottom with options to copy, forward and delete or delete the message. Tap the Delete or Delete option (whichever you get).
  2. A menu will open listing two options; Delete for all and Delete for you. To cancel sending the message, you need to tap Delete for all. This will eliminate the message from both your side and the recipients.

The unsent message will not pass without a sign. The recipient will know that a message has been deleted from the conversation. The function, like similar ones in other messaging apps, has limitations. For example, you will find that you cannot return and send old messages. There is a limit to the age of a message so that it is not sent. If a message is too old, you can’t send it again.

It goes without saying that the fact of being able to send a message does not mean that the recipient has not read/seen it before you have the opportunity to delete it. They can also take a screenshot before deleting the message, so remember that shipping is not a solution to larger messaging problems.

WhatsApp has a similar sending feature that allows you to unsend messages that do not have more than 7 minutes. It is not clear how many years the message take not to send a message in Facebook Messenger, but you can take a WhatsApp track and wait for similar time limits.

It is interesting to note that the function initially has something that is to use internally on Facebook to protect its managers’ communication from losses. Only when this information to make public, Facebook announces that it would implement the feature for other users as well.

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