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How To Use Skype Screen Share On Android and iOS

Skype is bringing one of its most popular desktop features to mobile devices: screen sharing. The company recently announced that its mobile screen sharing feature is no longer in beta testing. And allowing iOS and Android users to share their phone screen during a call.

The feature could be used for work-related purposes, as Microsoft has suggested in the past like sharing a PowerPoint presentation. But it could also be used for fun, like browsing a dating app while a friend is giving his opinion. You can even also use this while shopping online with a friend. More practically, it could be used to provide remote technical assistance. For example, when your mother can’t find a setting on your iPhone.

How To Use Skype Screen Share On Android and iOS

Screen sharing has long been a feature in Skype desktop apps and is one of the app’s most popular features. Skype is widely used in work environments and this feature is useful in that environment. From a recent update, you can finally share the screen of your phone via Skype. Skype apps for iOS and Android now support screen sharing.

Shared Skype screen on iOS and Android

Make sure the Skype app on your device is up to date. Check the respective app stores on your device to see available updates and install any available updates.

The function is available if you are in a video call or in an audio call, however, during the tests, it was a bit faulty. For best results, we recommend starting an audio-only call and then using screen sharing.

  1. Start an audio call.
  2. Tap on the More options button at the bottom right.
  3. In the menu that opens, select the Share screen option.

Skype screen share on iOS and Android

You will see a pop-up window appear on the screen that will list the various apps on your phone that can transmit your screen. Skype should appear there. Select it, tap on the “Start Broadcast” option and return to the call. Wait for the “Sharing Screen” banner to appear at the top before switching to other apps.

Once the screen is shared, you can easily navigate the phone and everything on the screen will be shared during the call. It is important to note that the “Sharing Screen” banner should appear before assuming that the screen is shared. It can be registered, but that banner is what indicates that sharing is active.

The recipient of the call can see the screen on the desktop or on a mobile device.

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At the end of a call, the screen will not be shared, but on iOS, the screen will continue to record until you stop it. To do this, tap on the red bar at the top and select the option to stop recording or stop broadcasting.

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