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Use Snapchat On Rooted Smartphone Devices – Tutorial

Snapchat On Rooted Smartphone Devices

Do you want to use Snapchat on rooted smartphone devices? Snapchat is a really famous social media in most of the country. This app gives you all the great features of messaging and being social as well.

Snapchat is a popular app for digital millennia and the best social media network. However, with the new Snapchat update, it blocked all users who use rooted mobile phones. So lots of users are in trouble since they don’t know how to use Snapchat on their rooted mobile devices. Snapchat has already made it clear that they won’t allow root users to use their app. It is because users can take advantage of Snapchat and bypass the privacy or security controls that other Snapchat users enjoy. Using a rooted smartphone, you can also trick Snapchat into saving self-destructive messages, take Snapchat-protected texts screenshots, play with Snapchat 2FA, and much more.

Well, Snapchat has already blocked the application on rooted mobiles, you might also view an error message saying that your mobile device is not supported after the recent update. The earlier variant of Snapchat works well with root, but we are not sure for how long. So try to check out other workarounds to use Snapchat on your smartphone if you love Snapchat.

Snapchat Blocked Rooted Smartphone Devices – Why?

We all familiar with Snapchat, it is a social media network that lets its users send self-destructive texts, videos, and images, to their buddies. This is why people like this service too much since there’s no chat history to deal with. However, this is not the case with rooted mobile users. As there are lots of Snapchat tools and services that can be used to manipulate or alter Snapchat to comprise the user’s privacy. Using some of them, you can also save images, private messages, and videos without the user’s consent. And some of them also let you hide confirmation of message replies.

Snapchat takes user’s privacy very seriously, so they stopped supporting rooted mobile devices in their new update. If you’ve updated to the new version, you might view an error message saying that your mobile is not supported. But don’t fret, there are still different methods to bypass this and use Snapchat on any rooted and mobile device.

Different Ways To Use Snapchat On Rooted Android Devices

Use Snapchat On Rooted Smartphone Devices

If you have a rooted mobile device, then Snapchat can’t support your device from now on. However, there are still methods to use Snapchat on your rooted device. Down below are some workarounds which you can try:

By Un-rooting Your Mobile Device

The simplest way to resolve this issue is by un-rooting your mobile device. Now this means that all your apps that use superuser permission will not work. There are consequences, but it the best and official method to support Snapchat on your smartphone device. Since every mobile rooting and the unrooting process are quite different. Another way to unroot your device is to install stock ROM on your mobile device.

Installing Rootclock (Xposed)

If you’ve already installed the Xposed framework, then this is the simple and easy way to use Snapchat on your rooted smartphone. In case if you don’t have an Xposed framework, you can then first install or download the Xposed framework on the rooted smartphone.

Now, if you are working with an Xposed framework, then here is a quick module that can hide root rights from Snapchat. So Snapchat can’t detect whether your mobile device is Rooted or not. This way, you can also use Snapchat if you have a rooted smartphone!

RootCloak APK Module: Download

  • At first, install RootCloak APK on your mobile device.
  • You can then open Xposed framework on your mobile device and navigate to Xposed Installer > Modules
  • Here turn on the Root Clock and reboot your mobile device.
  • After reboot, again, head over to the Xpose RootCloak module and Add Snapchat. After this, reboot your mobile device once again, and Snapchat will start working on your mobile device.

Note: You can also add or erase apps on RootCloak to unhide or hide root privilege.

Using Magisk Hide (Magisk)

While using Magisk Root manager, then you get an inbuilt option to simply hide the root visibility of other applications. You can instantly toggle between the two to allow apps that don’t work with rooted mobile devices.

  • Head over to the Magisk root manager app on your mobile device. And move to Settings.
  • You will then find the “Magisk Hide” option here. Turn it on.
  • You can now install Snapchat and then use it like your device was never rooted in the first place!

Note: If you turn off this option, Snapchat will stop working again. Many other root apps will still work if you allow them Root permission.

Use Root Switch Method (Super SU)

If you don’t use Magisk then try to use Super SU by Chainfire. It is one of the best SU managers. Also, it supports apps and modules by which you can hide the SU activity of your mobile from some apps. In this situation, it will be Snapchat of course!

Root Switch APK: Download 

  • Install and download Root Switch APK
  • Head over to the app and grant SU permission.

A new screen will pop up. Here you have to turn on the “Stop all SU daemons” options.  Also, turn off the “Root Access” slider toggle.

Now, install and download Snapchat on your device. It will work just like with other normal apps.

Note: In case if you want to use the root application again, just move back to Root Switch and turn on the “root access” toggle.


So these were some methods to use Snapchat on your Rooted mobile device. We hope that these workarounds worked for you. Snapchat is one of the best social media platforms that tons of people use. So you shouldn’t be neglected just because you root your device. Well, in any situation, you are having trouble or face any issue then follow these methods or comment us below. We will be glad to help you out!

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