User Guide On How To Test Mouse Buttons


Have you ever try to test Mouse buttons? A mouse is quite a simple peripheral that some people use every day. These are plug & play devices and you only want a particular driver for them once the mouse is a gaming mouse with more than the older two buttons a common mouse has. The gaming mouse probably works as an ordinary mouse without its proprietary drivers. These devices are strong and move to last years. Suddenly a button on your mouse has stopped working, you probably need to verify if it’s a hardware issue or a software one. Come let’s check how to test mouse buttons.

How To Check Mouse Buttons

You can analyze or test if all mouse buttons are working with a web app. There are very few of them. Once you have an ordinary mouse. As the ordinary mouse with two buttons (right and left), and move the wheel, use Mouse Test.

Open the website and your mouse pointer over the mouse diagram. Tap the mouse buttons on your mouse, tap with the mouse wheel, and move a bit.

Once a button you tap can’t light up on the diagram. Then it means that a specific button stop working. This app seems to be able to test for a gaming mouse as the diagram represents a mouse with just the usual two buttons.

If all the buttons are all working but it can’t register in an app. You probably want to analyze if an event is activated once you tap a button.

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