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Verizon Filters the Launch of the iPhone XI

Only months after the official presentation of the new iPhone XI,  many leaks have shown some of the new features of the device.

However, this time Verizon does not show details of the team, but it reveals the launch sequence of some models, among which are the new Apple smartphones.

Verizon Filters the Launch of the iPhone XI

iPhone XI will arrive in a few months

It is expected that the next range of smartphones from the Cupertino company follows the sequence of the iPhone X, so some sources estimate that this new model will be presented under the name of iPhone XI or iPhone 11.

Although it is no secret to anyone that Apple presents its new models in September, the company has not mentioned an exact date, however, Verizon reveals that the new iPhone could arrive the second week of September.

According to the largest US wireless service provider. UU the launch of the iPhone XI and iPhone XR 2 will arrive specifically on September 20 and will be preceded by the official presentation of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and preceded by Google Pixel 4.

News of new equipment

As part of the leaks has revealed that the new iPhone XI will come with a front camera of 12 megapixels, the ability to charge devices wirelessly.

Furthermore, this new model with the new processor will mark the A13   between 3 and 4GB of RAM, support for connectivity to Wi-Fi 6, body glass and frame of reinforced steel, among other innovations.

As for the iPhone XR 2, a new rumor has mentioned that this team will come with an impressive capacity at the battery level of 3,110 mAh, surpassing its predecessor, the iPhone XR that only had a battery of 2,942 mAh.

The iPhone XR 2 will arrive in striking colors such as white, black, blue, yellow, coral and red (PRODUCT), a double camera that will improve the photographic quality and an incredible OLED screen.

It is expected that these teams will arrive with the most advanced technology and the new square camera module of the company, although it is unknown if within this launch the iPhone 5G or Apple’s new folding device will be present.

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