What Does IIRC Mean and How it is Used


If you keep seeing “IIRC” online, and you are also curious about what it means, then you guys have come to the right place! We’ll break down what it actually stands for, where it came from, and also how you can use it. In this article, we are going to talk about What Does IIRC Mean and How it is Used. Let’s begin!

What IIRC Means

IIRC is actually an acronym that stands for:

  • If I Recall Correctly; or
  • If I Remember Correctly.

There are two variations of this acronym, but we can use the words “recall” and “remember” interchangeably. Because there is not enough of a difference between them to change the meaning of the acronym in a significant way actually. Both of these variations of this acronym refer to the process of bringing a memory back into your present awareness.

Folks use “IIRC” online, and it actually stands for “if I recall correctly” or “if I remember correctly.” Just as you would in-person, you can use it to be polite, if you are not sure about something. Or sarcastically when you answer a question or correct others as well.

In most of the cases, folks use IIRC when they do remember something correctly; it’s just tack on to keep a conversation pleasant. Such as, you might answer a text from your roommate with “IIRC, you left your keys on the couch again,” or “IIRC, I was the last one to clean out the fridge” as well.



You can also use IIRC in order to add a touch of snark or sarcasm to a sentence. This is common on social media websites, such as Reddit or Twitter, where folks like to get creative whenever they talk down to others.

There are situations, though, in which someone might use IIRC as he’s genuinely not sure about something. This might happen when folks do not have time to double-check their knowledge. Such as, you might answer a question in a chatroom with “You can buy a green iPhone 11, IIRC,” or something similar like that. You might be pretty sure Apple sells a green iPhone 11, however, you are not gonna double-check.

The Etymology of IIRC

The meanings of “if I recall correctly,” and “if I remember correctly,” have actually not changed a bit over the hundreds of years. They have been around for so long. They have always offered a useful way to inject politeness, modesty, sarcasm, or unsureness into a sentence as well. Especially in print, where a writer’s intention is not always clear.

It is no surprise that IIRC became popular and famous on the internet in the ’90s. IRC was all the rage, and folks need an instant, easy way to communicate feelings, such as modesty or snark. IIRC was a simple solution because its meaning roots in an everyday phrase. In that way, it’s very similar to the abbreviations TBH and FWIW as well.

While IIRC is not the most common phrase on the internet, its popularity has never decreased. It is still a widely used abbreviation, especially on platforms such as Reddit, Slack, and Discord as well.

How IIRC Is actually Used

Folks use IIRC to affirm that they are explaining something that happened in the past according to their memory of it. It basically serves as a caution phrase in case certain details are unintentionally explained incorrectly or left out entirely (because of difficult to remember correctly or at all).

IIRC might also be used by someone who wants to appear more innocent and forgivable to share a very strong opinion. Or biased judgment about something that happened in the past, based on personal experience and perspective as well. This, however, is a less common way to use it actually.


Folks mostly use IIRC directly before explaining a memory at the beginning of a sentence. Or directly after it, at the end of a sentence as well. You can also use in the middle of a sentence as a very quick reference to a particular memory.

Let’s suppose you work at a burger joint, and the boss suggests you clock out after the lunch rush. In this situation, it might be polite to tell your coworkers, “IIRC, the boss wants me to go home now” actually. Of course, this is not something you’d want to say to a customer who is actually asking you for help—unless you want to be rude.

If you choose to use IIRC in the future, then you will find it is common enough that most folks know what you actually mean. Just watch out for context, and, hey, IIRC will come in handy whenever someone asks you what the FWIW means as well.

Other Variations of IIRC

IIRC is the most common acronym that we use online and in text messaging. However, there are a couple of other variations of this expression that mean almost the exact same thing as well. These also include:

IIAC: If I Am Correct

IIANM: If I Am Not Mistaken

The only difference between IIRC and the above acronyms is that IIRC typically refers to a memory of the past whereas IIAC and IIAMN are used to refer to facts that do not have limit through time actually.


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