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What Does the Number in Parentheses Mean on YouTube

What Does the Number in Parentheses Mean on YouTube

Chrome and Firefox have also begun to exhibit numbers on the YouTube tab. The numbers are actually enclosed in brackets and they change each and every day. You might see a (2) next to YouTube in your browser’s tab one day. The next day, it may be gone, or actually, it might have turned into a (5). In this article, we are going to talk about What Does the Number in Parentheses Mean on YouTube. Let’s begin!

Users can’t really figure out if this is actually a new browser feature or if an extension or add-on acting up as well. The number also seems to be arbitrary and it does not really mean anything to most of them as well. The number isn’t arbitrary and also your browser or an add-on does not generate it as well. It actually comes from YouTube’s notifications. Here’s how you can get rid of the number on the YouTube tab.

First of all, just open YouTube. Then allow it to load and see if the number appears in the tab or not. If it does, then just look at the top right corner of the YouTube interface. You guys will see your profile badge. Next to it is actually a bell icon along with a number badge of its own. This bell icon indicates new or unread YouTube notifications as well. If you guys have a lot of them, then the number badge will read 99+ actually.

What Does the Number in Parentheses Mean on YouTube

The number on the YouTube tab basically shows the exact number of unread YouTube notifications that you guys have. If you want to get rid of it, then just tap on the bell icon once. A small window will now open that shows you your notifications. You guys can go through them if you want but it is not really necessary if all you guys want to do is delete the number on the YouTube tab actually. Just tap on outside the window in order to close it. YouTube will now mark the notifications as read and also the number will disappear from the tab as well.

This is not actually a new Chrome or Firefox feature. Facebook and Twitter exhibit this exact same behavior too. A Facebook tab then shows you the number of new notifications you have. A Twitter tab also shows you the number of new tweets.

Well, the change seems to be a change YouTube pushed in recent days. The website has had notifications for the longest time, however, only now has it added support to display them in the tab.

If you guys dismiss the notifications, then the number in the tab will go away as well. This isn’t permanent actually. Whenever you guys have new notifications on YouTube, then the tab will also show a number again. There’s actually no turning it off permanently. You could hunt for an add-on as well as an extension that turns off notifications in the tab. However, then you guys will have to forget the notifications for other websites too.

Another solution is actually to turn them off for all the channels and activity on YouTube actually. This only works if you guys find YouTube notifications useless as well.


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