What Happens If You Report Someone on Messenger

Have you ever received an unwanted message or maybe a harassing one on Facebook Messenger? Luckily now you have a way to report these types of conversations in the Messenger app or on the web and it just takes a minute actually. In this article, we are going to talk about What Happens If You Report Someone on Messenger. Let’s begin!

If someone on Facebook is bothering and irritating you, then can report and block them. The option is really easy in order to find and blocking makes it really that they cannot message you on Facebook Messenger. In most cases, blocking someone takes care of the problem but if you are receiving troubling messages. Then it is better to report them actually. Whenever you guys report messages on Facebook Messenger, then the profile you send them may be investigated or flagged as well. If others continue to report it, then it may eventually be deactivated and avoid harm to others. Let’s see how you can report messages on Facebook Messenger as well.

Report Someone on Messenger

You have to visit Facebook Messenger for the web and choose the conversation thread that you have to report. Tap on the little cogwheel icon under the person’s name in the column on the right as well. From the menu that opens, then choose ‘Report Spam or Abuse’.

Facebook Messenger will then provide you a list of problems that you might need to report about the conversation. That includes spam links, sexually explicit content, threats aimed at you, or at themselves or a family member also.

Choose an option and then tap Continue. You will always have the option in order to block someone on Messenger regardless of which option you select as well.

Facebook Messenger Apps | report someone on messenger

First, open the Facebook Messenger app on your iPhone or Android phone. Then click the conversation thread that you want to report. Click on the person’s name at the very top to go to their details screen as well. Then on the Contact details screen, scroll down and click the Something’s Wrong option. This will then take you to a new screen where you can also choose what you want to report the conversation for.

The Facebook Messenger apps provide you more options whenever it comes to reporting a message. That includes one for unauthorized sales and an open-ended option as well.

However, reporting a message or profile for the messages that it is sending will not result in an immediate ban actually. When users report content on Facebook, then the company normally reviews it and the review can take a few hours, and most of the time a couple of days. The same holds true for messages as well.

Facebook will then investigate the profile however, it may not necessarily suspend it. Unless the issue reported is both serious in nature, and also the profile is persistently sending the message as well. That said, that there is probably a limit to how many times a profile can be reported for inappropriate messages before the ax falls actually.

We should also caution you not to abuse this feature. It is basically a community tool in order to manage the experience that all users have with Facebook Messenger. So use it only when there is a genuine need and not to settle petty fights actually.

Report Someone on Messenger on iPhone and iPad

You have to open the Facebook Messenger app on your iOS device and then follow these steps.

  • Choose the conversation and click on the sender at the top of the window.
  • Then scroll down to and choose Something’s Wrong.
  • Select the reason that you are reporting the conversation. Relying on the option you choose, you may be asked to pick another item as well.
  • Then click on Send Feedback.

You will then receive a confirmation that your feedback was sent along with additional steps you can take if you are so select. Click Done in order to close the window.


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  • I’ve tried to report someone has hack my friend and is posing to be them asking me to send money. I went through all the steps you mentioned in this article. It didn’t work. By the time you get to actually send in the request a window pops up and says, “something went wrong please try again.” I did try multiple times and still cannot get any help. What gives.🤷‍♀️

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