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Whatsapp Security Code Changed – What it means

Whatsapp encrypts the chat messages so that no one can get backdoor access to them. It does this via an encryption key which is kept hidden. This encryption key shows as a security code that they can use to verify that chats are indeed encrypt, for the user. The encryption is enabled for all users and there’s actually no off button. You might have noticed that many times you get a message in a chat thread telling you a contact’s security code has changed and thought how you can change your own Whatsapp security code. In this article, we are going to talk about Whatsapp Security Code Changed – What it means. Let’s begin!

Whatsapp encryption Code– what is it?

The practical implementation of the “chip” is actually represented by two aspects that are integral parts of the general end-to-end encryption procedure:

  • a cryptological lock protects the information at the stage of sending messages;
  • a dedicated key actually decodes the contents of the message.

What does the WhatsApp actually mean: “User security code has changed”? Before starting to consider the nature of the problem, we will understand the encryption methodology and options management. The key is actually not the same as the security code!

whatsapp security code changed

Each of the newsletters has a unique key, complicating the illegal access to confidential information. Encryption is actually used to confirm secrecy.

Security code (QR code) – a set of six dozen digits, the same for users that are connected to the chat. When a person checks the cipher for identity, he can be confident in protecting information and secure it. [Sc name = “citat-close”]

In order to search for hidden code you will need:

  • First, enter the conversation;
  • Tap on the initials of the user;
  • in “Contact data” tap on the name of the “Encryption” tab.

A full representation of the numbers is available in the gadget’s memory but is not show in the section that opens.

Change your Whatsapp Security Code

There’s no way to change the Whatsapp security code manually. There are actually two cases where Whatsapp will automatically change the security code for you; when you change your phone or phone number, or when you delete and also reinstall Whatsapp.

Reinstall Whatsapp

Reinstalling Whatsapp is the easiest way to go about changing your Whatsapp security code however, you might lose some of your chat threads. Uninstall it like you would any other application on your phone, and then install it again from your respective app store. It’s highly recommended that you back up your chats before you uninstall Whatsapp as not all messages might be saved, and also recovered when you install the app again.

Temporarily Use Another Phone

This wants you to have temporary access to another phone. You’ll only need it for as long as it takes to download and also set up Whatsapp.

Download Whatsapp and then enter the same phone number that you use with it. Do not try to insert a SIM into the phone. Whatsapp verifies that the phone belongs to you through sending you a verification code. When you receive the code on your regular phone, then enter it on the second, temporary device you have. That will activate the security code to change. You can then uninstall the app from the second phone.

Security Code Alert

All of your contacts will alert to the change in your security code. Likewise, you also get an alert in the chat thread when one of your contact’s security code is change. If you want, then you can disable these alerts. If you want to disable the security code alert you get for your contacts, then go to the Settings tab on Whatsapp.

Click your account at the top. On the Account screen, click Security. Now on the Security screen, turn the ‘Show Security Notifications’ off.

This will stop the notifications from showing on your device however your contacts will still know when your security code is changed.


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