Where is the Printing Dialog of Chrome – Steps

Where is the Printing Dialog of Chrome

You guys can print files directly from Google Chrome. If you have a PDF file, then open in Chrome, or a text file, or an image. You can also press the Ctrl+P keyboard shortcut in order to bring up the print dialog actually. The dialog that you see is Chrome’s own print interface which, regardless of your printer, will always look the same as well. In this article, we are going to talk about Where is the Printing Dialog of Chrome. Let’s begin!

Your printer may also have richer printing options, or it may also not support the default ones. However, Chrome is more or less indifferent to it actually. If you guys must print from Chrome, you can still use the system print dialog as well.

Where is the Printing Dialog of Chrome | Where is the Printing Dialog of Chrome

There are actually two ways to get to the system print dialog from Chrome. If you guys have already tapped the Ctrl+P keyboard shortcut. Then look for the ‘Print using system dialog’ option at the very bottom of the left column as well.

In order to jump directly to the system print dialog, you guys can use the Ctrl+Shift+P keyboard shortcut too.

The Chrome print dialog is just really simple however it does have basic settings That permit you in order to change the size of the paper that you are printing on, Select the number of copies that are to print, set custom margins, and select between portrait and landscape layouts. If you guys can’t find these settings, then tap the More Settings option on the left column.


Of course, Chrome does not actually have advanced color management options which your system’s print dialog may also support. The system dialog permits you in order to make allowance for blurred text, save toner on a print job, and also even add a watermark. Again, you guys may also see more or fewer options in the system print dialog relying on what your printer can do actually.

Further | Where is the Printing Dialog of Chrome

Chrome gives a simplified interface for a lot of things that other browsers do not. Firefox for one sends print jobs directly to the system print dialog as well. Chrome on the other hand has actually a simplified version of it. Much like it has its own simplified version of the task manager actually.

If you guys are sending print jobs to your printer through Chrome, and they seem to get stuck. You can try to use the system’s options for printing. For Chrome to print, your printer must be configured correctly as well. This may be via generic printer drivers that your OS (Windows or macOS) installs. Or it may be through model-specific drivers that you installed. If a print job fails in order to complete from both the Chrome and the system print dialog. It may be because it isn’t configured correctly actually, a problem along with the USB ports in use, or the printer cable in use as well.


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