Why Apple and not another company?

Surely you, like me, have met more than once with a friend or family member who asks you why you spend so much on an Apple device like an iPhone or a Mac if for less money the competition offers “the same“.

Chances are that you are tired of answering this question over and over again, often with arguments that you also do not want to understand. We’re going to make it easy for you, next time send them this article.

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Apple is not like the rest

Although it may seem that Apple’s competition offers “the same thing”, Apple is the only company that offers hardware and software designed exclusively to work together. Microsoft or Google can do it in a certain way, but not at the Apple level. Google does not develop its own processors and does not have a powerful desktop system. For its part, Microsoft does not have a mobile operating system to match.

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The great competition of Apple in smartphones, tablets or computers such as Samsung or Huawei use Android on their smartphones and Windows on their computers. Two systems that do not control and also are not synchronized with each other in the same way that they are iOS and macOS.

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So at this point, it seems clear that no one can offer what Apple offers, may offer other alternatives, but is not “the same” as much as the technical specifications of the devices may be similar. In this sense Apple is unique.

OK, but what does that mean?

The argument above is fairly simple to understand, Apple is unique in its kind, however then comes the key question: what’s that worth?

Apple not only develops the hardware, it also has to design the software of each and every one of its devices and also does it in such a way that they understand each other to make your life easier. When you buy an Apple device you buy a way to function. If you have only one smartphone or a computer, it may be the same, but as soon as you have more than one device, the difference is noticeable. It is best to understand it with an example.

Much of my day to day is spent in front of the computer, after all, it is my job, and I also have an iPhone and an iPad that I use both for leisure and again for work. A clear example of how iOS and macOS relate to each other is the desktop in iCloud.


Everything I have on my MacBook’s desktop is in iCloud and I can access it from any of my other devices in a couple of taps. Without having to configure anything or download applications, Apple does that for me.

It is essential that he used every day. If I make a screenshot of the iPhone for a tutorial, I use a shortcut that adds the frame of the device and sends it to the desktop. I can take just 10-15 seconds in something that, and I know from experience, it used to take around 5 minutes. It can be a long time over a week.

As this example, there are thousands, the possibility of answering messages and calls from the Mac, copying a link on the iPhone and pasting it into the computer, or the other way around, or the simple fact of scanning a document from the Mac using the iPhone. They are many details that save you time and which is difficult to leave behind once you get used to it.

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So, is it worth paying more?

In my particular case, yes, as with anything, Apple devices can be improved but not exchange for those of the competition. Besides, this supposed “extra” of money to pay is not so clear. Again I return to a personal example.

Until last Christmas, I worked with a MacBook Pro purchased in early 2012. It was my first Mac and has worked perfectly all these years, without any complaints. However, the passage of time made the necessary change, especially for issues of battery and portability.

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At the time my MacBook Pro cost about 1,200 euros, but after these 7 years, I could sell it for 400. This means that the real cost of the device throughout his life was 800 euros. If at the time I had bought any 800 euros laptop instead of the MacBook Pro after 6 years I do not think anyone would have paid me anything for it if it had lasted so long, and I would have gone straight to the landfill. In the end, I would have spent the same and would not have had the entire Apple experience but a mid-range laptop.

This does not mean that Apple devices are cheap, much less, but they do have a value that does not have the rest that means that over time they are not devalued in the same way. And this has a simple explanation, as we said before, Apple is the only one capable of offering this experience with their devices. Everyone can buy what they want, but an Apple device is not “the same”.

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