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Why iPad Repair is Not DIY Friendly

If you’ve ever had your iPad stop working the way it should, you’ve probably been tempted to try out some home remedies to fix it.

Now, depending on the issue you’re having, a hard reset here and there isn’t going to cause any damage to your iPad. But if you’ve smashed the iPad screen, spilled water on it, or it is just not responding to your touch anymore, you’re probably going to be out of your depth when it comes to repairing your iPad.

While we want to applaud your proactive and sustainable approach to a broken iPad, let us tell you a little bit about the complicated side of repairing iPads.

Why iPad Repairs Are Not Easy

Just because it’s in a YouTube tutorial, it doesn’t mean you should be doing it – this goes for a lot of things, especially repairing iPads.

You see, while you might get lucky repairing a piece of tech, without the required skills, knowledge, and equipment, you can end up with an iPad that won’t even turn on anymore.

This is because iPads, though somewhat tough and sturdy on the outside, are housing a truly delicate and insanely intricate array of wires, motherboards, and a whole lot of tech inside their shells. One wrong move with a wire, screw, or the logic board and you can say goodbye to your beloved iPad.

The integrity of the inside of your iPad is vital, as repair technicians ourselves, we’ve seen a lot in our time, and when someone has tried to play around with the inside of the iPad without the required knowledge or understanding, it has usually ended in disaster, and with us not being able to fix it.

But it’s not just about the complicated interior mechanism that can make it tricky, it’s using the right tools and items to do the repairs. Getting inside your iPad requires the softening of the adhesive that keeps the casing together. To do this safely, you need a heating pad that is able to get to the right temperatures, not too hot and not too cold to do so. If you force the casing, you can break it and the areas around it. If you get the adhesive too loose, it probably means that you’re going to overcook your iPad. And the chance of you having the appropriate heating mat or knowing someone who does have one is pretty slim.

Besides the tools and skills, another important aspect is having the intricate knowledge of these machines. Knowing whether to have your iPad on, off, or plugged in is all part of the repair process and differs from procedure to procedure. Without the correct information, you can fry your iPad faster than you can blink and render it unfixable.

But you don’t need to have the knowledge and experience when it comes to iPad repairs.

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Professional iPad Repair Services

Don’t risk repairing your iPad yourself. You’re going to end up spending a lot of time researching how to do it, experimenting, and hoping for the best, which is just not ideal.

You can save a whole of time by working with an iOS certified repair technician, like Fone Teknician. A professional repair technician will not only save you time, but they are going to end up saving you a whole lot of money too.

Not only are iPad repairs affordable, especially when compared to buying a new iPad, but they are also a lot faster and extremely convenient.

Even if you think the repair is simple, trust us, you’re going to save time, headaches, money, and your warranty when you work with an experienced professional.

And if you’re in Sydney, you don’t have to look too hard to find an iPad repair specialist. The team at Fone Teknician has you covered, with more than 10 years of experience repairing Apple products including iPads up their sleeve. So, if your iPad stops working properly, work with the Sydney phone repair and iPad repair specialists – Fone Teknician.

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