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What is the Cost of Repairing a Phone’s Screen?

screen repairAccidents happen. Phones are dropped or somehow an impact occurs that causes damage to your phone. Some phones are tougher than others while other phones will break upon impact. Not to mention, there are phone cases and screen protectors made to handle these falls or impacts while safeguarding your precious mobile device.

However, not everyone has invested in these cases or screen protectors because they think that it could never happen to them. You’re careful enough to not drop your phone, right? No matter how careful you think you are, it can still happen even to you and when it does, you’re left with a shattered phone screen and uncertain where to take your phone to get repaired.

This is especially true for iPhone users. If you have any Apple product, you’re probably well aware of how fragile they can be. One drop and you’re likely to be looking for an iPhone repair shop to get your screen replaced.

The quickest way is to look up a reputable iphone repair service company and leave it to the pros. This has become increasingly popular since people generally have issues dealing with Apple, including high repair costs or long waits.

Taking your iPhone to be repaired at an authorized Apple store can be costly; so, of course, people have turned to searching for third-party repair services and, despite Apple’s best efforts, these repair shops are out there and offer inexpensive and professional repair solutions to those who want a more affordable solution.

Let’s take a look at your options when it comes to cracked phone screens and the price you’re likely to pay to get them repaired.

My Screen is Cracked, What Do I Do?

Thankfully, cracked phone screens are usually fixable. However, it may not be the best solution for you. It will depend on the phone you have and how much it will cost to repair the screen. If the repair cost is close to or more than what a new phone would cost, you’re better off just to buy a replacement phone instead of dishing out hundreds of dollars on a new screen.

For iPhone users in particular, getting your phone’s screen repaired will cost you anywhere from $50 to upwards of $300 or more. It will depend on which iPhone you have and the place where you take it to get repaired. If you have a Samsung Galaxy, you’re looking at spending around $50 to $270 to repair your phone’s screen.

iPhone Screen Repair Cost Breakdown

The cost to repair your iPhone’s screen will vary depending on what model of phone you have, how extensive the damage is, and where you take it.

In regards to the Apple Store, you can expect the following prices:

  • iPhone 13 Pro Max – $329
  • iPhone 13 Pro – $279
  • iPhone 13 – $279
  • iPhone 13 Mini – $229
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max – $329
  • iPhone 12 Pro – $279
  • iPhone 12 – $279
  • iPhone 12 Mini – $229

Of course, these are only for the iPhone 12 and 13 models. The cost for other models will vary.

Obviously, the price of a screen repair can be costly when taken to the Apple Store, especially if your device is newer and has an OLED screen. It’s no surprise that these screens tend to be costlier to repair since they are quite a bit larger than your normal iPhone screen.

When it comes to older models of iPhones, the screen repair cost can still be on the expensive side and it may benefit you more to replace your phone altogether as opposed to having the screen fixed.

Samsung Galaxy Screen Repair Cost Breakdown

Samsung Galaxy phones are a little cheaper to repair then iPhones are but not by much. Again, the price will depend on which model of Samsung Galaxy phone you have as well as where you take it to get it repaired.

Below are the expected prices you will pay for Samsung Galaxy S22 and S21 model screen repairs:

Galaxy S22 Ultra – $289

Galaxy S22+ – $229

Galaxy S22 – $199

Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G – $289

Galaxy S21+ 5G – $229

Galaxy S21 5G – $199

Again, if the price to fix your phone’s screen is around the same as getting a new phone, you should definitely consider purchasing a replacement instead.

How is a Cracked Screen Repaired?

Don’t worry – if your phone’s screen is cracked, it’s not the end of the road for your phone. Cracked screens can be repaired and oftentimes will be much cheaper than buying a new one.

While you might be tempted to try repairing the screen yourself, it’s advised that you seek out professional assistance instead so that you can ensure your phone is being repaired correctly and that you are not causing issues or damages to any other internal parts.

Where Can I Take my Phone to be Repaired?

Apart from going to authorized retailers of Apple and Samsung phones, you can also check around to local third-party repair shops. These shops are usually more affordable than the authorized retailers are yet their services are just as good.

Unfortunately, with Apple products, Apple has taken certain steps to ensure that third-party repair services aren’t used by utilizing special screws and adhesives and fusing together certain parts into the logic board. This can make it tougher for an unauthorized Apple repair store to work on your iPhone but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

If you can afford to take your phone to an authorized dealer, then you should definitely consider doing that. However, if you’re on a budget, do your research for local repair shops in your area and see what is offered where you live.


If your phone’s screen is cracked, or there are other issues that have arisen, don’t fret – your phone may be repairable at a fraction of the cost it would cost you to buy a new one.

There are several repair services and stores out there, both official and third-party, and you’re sure to find a suitable repair shop by doing some research. Once you get your phone’s screen repaired, if that’s an option, it may be time to invest in a good screen protector and case to keep your phone from suffering from any future damages. By investing in good protective gear for your phone, you will save yourself some big bucks in the long run.

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