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Well, we all love to surf the internet, and bookmarks are just like checkpoints for us. We can save a specific website or a web page, that is of great interest to use as bookmarks. However, sometimes we have to log into another computer to search for something, and at that time, we also might not have access to your saved bookmarks actually. In this article, we are going to talk about Best XMarks Alternatives For Bookmarks Synchronization. Let’s begin!

It is where XMarks Bookmark sync services actually come to play. It is a bookmark sync tool that basically syncs your saved bookmarks across all your devices. Not only XMarks but there is also more bookmarks sync application available in the market, that we are going to explore today.

Most of us might forget about our bookmarks, however, these bookmarks syncing services doesn’t. These services will allow you in order to take your bookmarks along with you wherever you guys go. It serves as a real timesaver since most of our important websites and web services are saved as bookmarks. You are so presenting you along with the list of top Xmarks alternatives in order to syn your saved bookmarks.

Best XMarks Alternatives For Bookmarks Synchronization

Although there are a lot of bookmarking services available in the market, most services are not cross-platform, which basically defies the purpose. Today we have curated a list of the top XMarks bookmark synchronization services you guys will love to try. So without even wasting any further time, let’s now check these services together. is more of an all-in-one service that offers widgetized start page where you guys can configure different widgets of news, notes, RSS feeds, bookmarks, and other widgets. That also include weather, email, calendar, todo-list etc.

The interface is really user-friendly and adding new blocks/widgets is easily done via a single + button. The user can use the drag and drop interface for organizing blocks and widgets on the homepage as well.

Well, the drawback of is that it does not synchronize the browser bookmarks. You will have to add bookmarks inside the extension in order to synchronize with the account. | XMarks Alternatives is a really great bookmarks syncing service that can also save articles, photos, and screenshots for you. Apart from these, you guys can save multiple bookmarks and can even categorize them into a lot of folders. does come as an extension for your browser actually. So no matter what OS you guys use, you will be able to use their services too. The best part about is its audio tag system as well, which automatically tags your bookmarks along with relevant data so you can find them more comfortable as well.


Roboform is originally a password manager service actually. But, its functionality extends as a bookmarks saver. Besides bookmarks, it can also save your website’s passwords too. So if you guys log in to a new computer, then you can use your saved bookmarks in order to access the website and the login information as you go.

It is an excellent combination since you guys might have different login credentials for your saved websites. RoboForm is entirely free to use, and it also comes with a pro version for $19.95/year, which basically supports synchronization services.

Checkout RoboForm

TeamSync Bookmarks

However, a bit more limited to just Firefox, Chrome, and Safari on iPhone, TeamSync Bookmarks is still a terrific option because of its extra features. Just like the name implies, you can use this bookmark tool for groups. If you guys don’t have a group, then you can simply use the extension for your own bookmark syncing.

However, if you do have a team and want to share bookmarks, then it’s super easy. Just sign up for an account and then create your first group of four members for free of cost. You can then invite members and also adjust their access for the ability to edit bookmarks.

Adding sites is simple when you install the extension. Your group will be added to your bookmark toolbar for both Firefox and Chrome as well. When you guys want to add a site, tap on either your default bookmark button or choose Bookmarks from your menu. Then, pick the group that you created and the site will then pop into your list.

In addition to the sharing feature, TeamSync Bookmarks basically integrates with Slack. So you guys can add bookmarks directly from Slack and also notify your group at the same time. For market research at work, team projects at school, as well as vacation planning for your family, this is a really great bookmark syncing extension.

Checkout TeamSync Bookmarks

iCloud Bookmarks | XMarks Alternatives

Don’t worry Apple users, we also have you covered too. The iCloud Bookmarks tool for Firefox, Chrome, and also Windows keeps your Safari bookmarks in sync. This is super handy whenever you use one browser for work and another for play.

The only catch along with iCloud Bookmarks for Windows users is that you have to install the iCloud desktop app. However, the good news is that when you do that, you can sync photos, mail, calendar, and task items. That you store in iCloud. So, if you guys are an Apple users and using iCloud already, then this is an ideal syncing choice.

Checkout iCloud Bookmarks for  Firefox |Chrome 


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