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12 years of the sale of the first iPhone. It has rained a lot since then

12 years of the sale of the first iPhone. It has rained a lot since then

6 On June 29, 2007, the iPhone was put on sale. A revolutionary phone for its time but not even the creators thought it was going to be the first in a saga as successful as criticized. 12 years have passed, they are not few and many things have happened since then.

12 years ago a revolution was put on sale

In January of 2007, Steve Jobs announced what for him was an unprecedented revolution and the culmination of a job of more than 2 years. The first iPhone was announced and six months later it was put on sale.

12 years since the model arrived at the users that could make our lives easier. It allowed us to have songs, make calls, receive and send emails, surf the Internet … and all without a physical keyboard, an aberration for some and for others, what was presented in 2007 was a huge breakthrough.

A very risky bet of Steve

It is said that for that first iPhone to see the light, Steve Jobs risked everything in the company. Derived money from parts of the company to this project. He risked no limits to launch a product that if it had not penetrated the public, would have sunk the company.

Between the presentation date and the sale date, very complicated months passed. Many CEOS of other companies mocked or criticized the iPhone hard. Others showed their surprise for an advanced terminal and very well built. I can not imagine the stress in those months that Steve had to endure.

12 years of the sale of the first iPhone. It has rained a lot since then

The bet went well. So well that right now in 2019 we are talking about the 12 years of its sale. We are talking about augmented realities, 5G … Is it still risky in the same way now as it was 12 years ago?

A bet that went very well and keeps going well

From June 2007 until the end of that year, 1.39 million iPhones were sold. A not inconsiderable amount, but the most important was the direction that marked for the rest of the companies the iPhone. The user wanted a phone without a physical keyboard, with a large screen and not only to call.

12 years ago it was innovated and many of us, we hope that Apple will risk risking innovating for real, not going a little to the tail of others and others to the tail of Apple.

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