Sabih Khan is Apple’s New Senior Vice President of Operations

Apple announced from its blog, that from this June 27 Sabih Khan will be part of the executive team of the Cupertino company, and will now occupy the position of senior vice president of operations.

Sabih Khan has been part of Apple since the 90s and has been playing one important role in the functions of the chain of supply of key Apple products.

A leader of heart

During this announcement, Apple CEO Tim Cook highlights that ” Sabih leads with a heart to our Operations team, ” adding that “he and all his team” maintain a great commitment to the company and users at a general level.

Also,  Jeff Williams , Apple’s director of operations, has mentioned that ” I have had the privilege of working with Sabih for more than 20 years “, and that Khan is the perfect person to occupy that important position, because in his opinion “you will not find one executive of operations with more talent anywhere in the world “.

An important  career

Khan earned a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Mechanical Engineering from Tufts University, and a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI).

Prior to joining the Apple team , Khan served as  an application development engineer and key account technician for the GE Plastics company .

Sabih Khan is Apple's New Senior Vice President of Operations

Vice President of Operations

According to the source, Khan will report to Williams, however, this time the new vice president of operations will have a very important work, as it will be in charge of the global supply chain of Apple .

A major charge where not only will ensure the product quality but also have the responsibility to monitor functions such as planning, procurement, manufacturing, logistics and fulfillment of products.

Various functions

Moreover, Khan also develops activities related to the programs of vendor accountability, a program that protects and educates the workers at the facilities of production worldwide.

Among its functions, Khan will also be in charge of promoting green manufacturing, environmental initiatives, and the team that developed the new alloy that allows the use of 100% recycled aluminum in equipment such as the MacBook Air and the Mac Mini.

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