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16 keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Word for iPad

16 keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Word for iPad

When we are using a tablet or more specifically an iPad sometimes we find the keyboard shortcuts very useful because if we are doing some kind of project in Microsoft Word, for example, these can make our writing process faster.

Microsoft Office applications are very useful when developing projects, that is why we present 16 keyboard shortcuts to you to take advantage of Microsoft Word from your iPad.

16 keyboard shortcuts

First, we must take into account that to use these keyboard shortcuts we must connect our iPad to a physical keyboard, be it a Bluetooth keyboard,  a Smart Keyboard or an intelligent keyboard.

  • Command Z, to undo the actions
  • Command Y, to redo the actions
  • Command S, to save the document
  • ESC *, to cancel the document
  • Command F, to perform some search in the document
  • Command A, to select all the text
  • Command B, to place the text in bold
  • Command I, to place the text in italics
  • Command U, to underline the text
  • Command C, to copy the text
  • Command V, to paste the copied text
  • Option-Command N, to select the normal style
  • Command option 1, to select style 1
  • Command option 2, to select style 2
  • Command option 3, to select style 3
  • Directional keys (up, down, left, right), to navigate within the Word document.

16 keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Word for iPad

Additional options

In addition to these options, we can find other shortcuts from the ‘Command-key, and if we keep this key pressed, Microsoft will show us a quick page with some additional keyboard shortcuts to those already mentioned.

As we know some iPad keyboards do not contain the key ‘ESC / Escape’, but that is not a limitation because there are also some key combinations that replace the ESC, as in the case of the CTRL + [, FN + Square (square key ), Command +.  (dot key).

Surely we noticed that most of these options keyboard shortcuts are the same as we use from the Mac, and from other devices where the Microsoft Word application is running, so the change from Mac to iPad will not be so drastic.

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