4 reasons why Apple has not presented an iPhone SE 2

When Apple released the iPhone SE many saw in it a device with potential, including the same processor as the top-end iPhone but in a reduced body and price was a great idea. At the time it became one of the best selling iPhones and that’s why many rumors speculated on the possibility of Apple launching a second version.

The years have passed and there is no trace of a new iPhone SE 2 and the reasons can be diverse. Although there are still many users who want it, we will try to find the reasons why we have not seen the second generation of Apple’s small smartphone.

iPhone SE 2

Reasons why there is not an iPhone SE 2

The concept of iPhone SE was very special, Apple took advantage of an old design and updated its interior with new features which allowed saving costs and launching a cheap iPhone. Maybe in the future, the strategy will be repeated but it will not be as you think.

Small screens are not fashionable

A 4-inch screen in full 2019 no longer makes much sense, and less now that the frames of the iPhone have been almost reduced to a minimum. That size is not comfortable to consume multimedia content, something in which Apple is especially involved with services such as Apple TV + or Apple Arcade.

The design is already too old

The iPhone SE was launched in 2016, but its design was inherited from the iPhone 5, placed on the market in 2012. It has been almost 7 years since then and the design has been practically obsolete, especially due to the large frames.

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Include Face ID would greatly enhance the device

One of the options that were shuffled, we even saw many leaks about it, is that Apple included Face ID in the iPhone SE 2 to update its design. However, getting this technology on such a small screen would only make the final product more expensive and the iPhone SE 2 would have no meaning.

There are already cheap iPhone from other years

The main claim of the iPhone SE was to have a powerful iPhone at a lower cost than the other models, but that already exists at present. In our iPhone purchase guide for this 2019, we show you iPhone that is still very powerful and have dropped in price just by taking another year in the market. Apple has solved this market niche with the iPhone of previous years.

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Are there any hopes for an affordable iPhone SE 2?

It is possible that Apple is posing, at least we have rumors about it, but these indicate that the design would be similar to the iPhone 8 with updated components. Another option would be to make an iPhone XR mini with a screen close to 5 inches, but it seems that Apple is very interested.

The most likely is that we never see an iPhone SE 2, it was a device that Apple launched at a very specific time, hence its name -Special Edition- and that the Cupertino company does not seem to intend to launch again.

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