Apple reaches the top of the ranking of the 100 most valuable brands in the world, above Google or Facebook

The current technologies companies have become highly valued companies and every year they compete to be number one. Last year Google snatched Apple the first place but this year the waters have returned to their channel and Apple is at the top of the Top 20 prepared by WPP and Kantar.

According to the report, the apple company has grown 3% in the last year to reach 309,527 million dollars in brand value. It is closely followed by Google, in second place, with a growth of 2% and a brand value of 309,000 million dollars. The podium is completed by Microsoft with a value of 251.244 million dollars.


Apple returns to number 1, unseating Google

The BrandZ ranking is one of the most prestigious and has been doing it for 14 years. The ranking combines “rigorously analyzed Bloomberg market data with comprehensive insights from more than three million consumers worldwide and covers more than 166,000 different brands from more than 50 markets”.

Apple Statistics

The 10 most valued brands in the ranking are, in order, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Tencent, IBM, SAP, Accenture, Intel, and Samsung. The company of the apple is placed at the top of the table, although it is true that manages to overcome Google by the minimum.

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” Apple continues to bet on the path of innovation and disruption, distancing itself from the vision that consumers have as just a brand of smart devices. Through new offers of streaming television, subscription services to games and news and even introducing a co-branded credit card, Apple is in the process of expanding its technological ecosystem , a model of services that can become very disruptive and that all brands must understand if they want to succeed in a new era in which the borders between categories are becoming more diffuse . ”

As we see the news recently presented in terms of services such as Apple TV + or Apple Arcade have given Apple the momentum it needed to become a company that goes beyond the technological

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