6 ideas to reuse your old iPad and not leave it in a drawer

One of the questions we ask ourselves when we buy a new device is what we do with the old one. Whether a computer, smartphone or tablet, the first thing we do is leave it in a drawer or rack accumulating dust, but an old iPad can give a lot of play.

You can do many things with the iPad that we have forgotten. Depending on the model, its function may vary. Here are some of the uses you can give.


As a cookbook

iPad Cookbook

An iPad can perfectly replace all the cookbooks we have at home. Let’s not forget that it is a small computer with Internet access that can search for any recipe that we want.

If we protect it with a Smart Cover we already have support, but if we use another type of cover or it does not go with us that of preventing it from being broken in one fell swoop, we can resort to support.

There are many applications to discover recipes like Youmiam, Kitchen Stories, and Cookpad, or use a recipe manager like Paprika with which to organize our own or download new websites and create shopping lists.

EBook reader

Ebook Reader iPad

The iPad does not have the best screen to read, that honor we leave it to the devices with electronic ink screen, a technology that does not strain the eyes and, in a certain way, simulates the paper, available in the Kindle of Amazon or in the Kobo

However, for occasional use, or if we do not want to invest in a reader of the previous ones, the iPad can serve us quite well. Apple has its own app called ‘Books’ in which we can organize our digital collection and buy new ones, although in the App Store is also available the Amazon ‘Kindle’ app with a very extensive catalog of titles waiting to be devoured. Not literally, of course.

DVD 2.0 player

DVD 2.0 player

If we have an iPad with enough storage capacity, for example, 64 GB, it can serve as a media player.

DVDs and Blu-Ray are losing strength in favor of videos in digital format and streaming platforms, but it’s a shame to have to get rid of our collection just because the technology advances.

We can make copies of the movies with a computer and transfer them to the iPad through iTunes or AirDrop. Thus they will always be ready to be seen at any time, either at home or on the road.

HomeKit driver

HomeKit driver iPad

It is increasingly common for people to have some home automation product in their homes. The most normal thing is to find smart bulbs and plugs, although there are those who go further with air conditioners, rattles, sensors, thermostats and consumption controllers, to name a few examples.

If this is our case and, in addition, they are compatible with HomeKit (Apple’s domotic platform), we can use the iPad as a “universal command” to control all these accessories. There are even people who attach it to the wall to have it always located and not run out of battery connected to a socket.

Photo frame

Photo frame iPad

Digital photo frames have been around for a while now, although they are not very popular. In them, you can place a large number of photographs (in some up to videos) so that it happens every X seconds, minutes or hours. Or leave it in a fixed image always.

The iPad can work as a digital photo frame perfectly. They have a good quality screen between 7.9 to 12.9 inches to which you can adjust the brightness, among many other things. If you choose to use it in this way remember that having the screen always on consumes a lot of energy, so it would be best to place it near a power outlet.

Video game console

Video game console iPad

In the App Store, there are many video games available that can make us have a good time or vitiate us for hours. Depending on the specifications of the iPad and the year in which it was released, it is likely that we will not be able to play all of them, but we are sure to find some interesting ones.

In addition, several of them allow to use controls or other peripherals to improve the experience, so it is almost as if we were playing on a Sony PlayStation or Microsoft Xbox.

And now that in a few months arrives Apple Arcade with more than 100 exclusive titles iOS devices, more than ever, are authentic video game consoles.

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These are just some of the uses to which we can assign an old iPad, although surely the most creative find several more ingenious than those I have put on the list.

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