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An Ethernet port is known as a jack or socket. However, it is an opening on PC network equipment that Ethernet cables plug into. It is designed to plug wired network hardware in an Ethernet LAN, metropolitan area network (MAN), or wide area network (WAN).

Important: The pronunciation of Ethernet with a long “e” as in the word eat. Ethernet ports pronounce by other names also, like LAN ports, Ethernet jacks, Ethernet connections, LAN sockets, and network ports.

How Do Ethernet Ports Look Like?

Ethernet Port review

Ethernet ports are found on the back of a PC or the back or side of a laptop. A router might have many Ethernet ports to accommodate different wired devices on a network. Also, it is true for other network hardware such as modems or hubs.

However, it accepts a cable having a connector RJ-45. The choice of using a cable having an Ethernet port is Wi-Fi, which removes the need for both the ports or cable.

An Ethernet port is bigger than a phone jack. Due to its shape, you can’t fit an Ethernet cable into a phone jack, which makes it’s quite simpler easier while connecting in cables.

Ethernet port is a square with some rigid areas under it. Also, the cable is built in a similar way. It has a clip to hold the cable in the Ethernet port.

Ethernet Ports on PC

Some desktop PCs have one built-in Ethernet port which is used to connect the device to a wired network. A PC’s built-in Ethernet ports are attached to its internal Ethernet network adapter, known as an Ethernet card, which is connected to the motherboard.

Laptops also have Ethernet ports, too, just to connect to a network that lacks wireless capabilities. An exception is the MacBook Air, which lacks Ethernet ports but can support connecting an Ethernet dongle to a USB port on the PC.

Troubleshoot Ethernet Port Problems

If your PC encounters internet connectivity problems, the Ethernet port is the first place to look.

Troubleshoot Ethernet Port Problems

Here are some causes of connectivity problems:

  • The cable is unplugged. This condition certainly results in a network cable is unplugged error. However, the error message occurs when a PC or laptop is moved. Also, it can knock the cable out of the Ethernet port.
  • The network card is unseated. When the PC has been erased around, the Ethernet card might come unseated from the expansion slot on the motherboard.
  • Network card drivers are missing or corrupt. Something else related to the Ethernet port is the network driver for the network card. However, it becomes out-of-date, corrupt, or missing. One of the simplest ways to install a network driver is with a free driver updater tool.

Ethernet Port on Routers

All popular broadband routers feature many Ethernet ports. Using this setup, various wired PCs in a network can reach the internet and the other attached devices on the network.

An uplink port (also known as WAN port) is an important Ethernet jack on a router that plugs into a broadband modem. Wireless routers add a WAN port and typically four extra ports for wired connections.

Ethernet Ports on Consumer Electronics

Other kinds of consumer gadgets (such as video game consoles, televisions, and digital video recorders) add Ethernet ports for home networking. Another instance is Google Chromecast, for which you can purchase an Ethernet adapter so that you can use Chromecast without Wi-Fi.


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