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Add Emojis from Mac OS to E-Mail with these Simple Steps

Add Emojis from Mac OS to E-Mail with these Simple Steps

With these simple steps, we can add Emojis to an email from a Mac easily. This option is even simpler and is presented as an alternative to the ultrafast keyboard shortcut.

How to add Emoji to emails

  1. We opened our email from the Mac.
  2. We select the option to create, reply or forward email.
  3. We look for the smiling face icon in the top bar of the email window and select it.
  4. In doing so, a new window will be displayed where we can see all the Emojis that exist and that we can use to add to our mail.

Several options

In addition to locating the Emojis within this window, you can perform one search specifically by the word key. We do this through the combination of keys: command + control + space bar, from where a new panel will be displayed in which we can write the name of the Emoji that we want to add to the body of the message.

Add Emojis from Mac OS to E-Mail with these Simple Steps

A panel requires a modern version of version 10.10 or later for MacOS or Mac OS X, although earlier versions of Mac OS X are compatible with Emoji, but not on the same quick access panel or with the same key combination.

Variety of Emojis

Like any Emoji we can choose between different shapesdirections, and colors, being able to select up to a specific skin tone for human icons.

From this editor, when we add any Emoji this will have the same size as the font size of the body text of the message.

Different Sizes

In this sense, if we change the size of the text this size will also affect the dimensions of the Emoji, however, we can apply different size options to the Emoji individually.

To do this, we can select the Emoji and then help us with the menu options, such as command + and command – to increase or decrease the size of the Emoji icons.

With this simple option from the Emoji button, we can add as many Emojis as we want, since it represents a  new option that we find from the Mac OS email application.

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