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Ugreen Launches Portable USB Charger for Apple Watches

If you own a newer Apple Watch, probably the battery life of the gadget is one of your least worries. I, for example, have an Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS) and can use it – except for physical activities – for more than two days without recharging it.

However, there are no batteries that last forever and depending on its usage, it is normal for the time for the clock to complete a full cycle to go down, just like other gadgets like iPhones and Macs. Even so, it is always recommended to have a charger with you to give extra time for your device.

You must be thinking “but there are Apple cables.” Let’s face it: they are not the smallest or the toughest loaders out there. With that in mind, accessories and peripherals manufacturer Ugreen has launched its own cordless charger compatible with all Apple Watches models.

The accessory is MFi certified1 and has a USB-A port that allows you to connect it to a notebook or the power outlet (from an adapter). It also has a USB-C version expected to be released next May, also featuring the latest MacBooks [Air / Pro] owners.

As we said, it works with all Apple Watch models, from those with 38mm to 44mm. The charger feeds the watch with the same speed as the original Apple from the 5V output (with 1A), plus protection against overcurrent, over-voltage, short-circuit and overheating.

By not being a powerbank, Ugreen’s wireless charger only recharges the Apple Watch, meaning it is not able to store battery as illustrated in the video above. The device is sold by Amazon for $ 40 – plus the cost of shipping, of course.

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