AirPods with embedded diamonds are a reality and are as expensive as you imagine

Since we have spoken on numerous occasions about all kinds of luxury iPhone models and made with gold, diamonds and other exotic (and expensive) materials. Without going any further, at the beginning of July we attended an unboxing of the most expensive iPhone in the world. We saw an iPhone XS Max of $25,000 with 110 grams of 18-carat gold, 137 pieces of diamond and genuine crocodile skin. Crazy, go.

And this time we will see another luxury Apple product designed and customized by Ian Delucca. These are AirPods with embedded diamonds valued at nothing more, nothing less than $20,000.

AirPods diamonds

The most luxurious AirPods in the world

There is a very fine line that separates the boundary between luxury and lust. And we are not very sure about whether these AirPods have crossed that line.

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Keep in mind that Apple products are already very expensive. They have a very high price compared to the competition. But that hasn’t stopped designers and jewelry companies from taking these products one step further.

Ian Delucca’s custom AirPods belong to his “New Materialism” line


And … you can live that relationship like never depositing $20,000.

The AirPods are made of white gold and 1,000 VVS quality diamonds. VVS quality means “Very, Very Slightly.” That is, it is very pure quality. And it is that all diamonds have imperfections. But theirs is barely noticeable. What do you think about this type of products?

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