All the iPhone ads collected in a fantastic video

Apple is one of those model companies to which many want to look like. Whether it’s technological innovation, the way you sell or how you treat your customers, Apple is always a mirror to look at. And the good proof of them is telephony as we know it today. The arrival of the iPhone 2G in 2007 was a significant blow.

Apple arrived late to this technological segment but did it through the front door. In fact, all manufacturers usually go to tow the steps that occur in Cupertino. And the good proof of this is to see how Apple deals with advertising and its ads, both in the media and in stores. Their campaigns never go unnoticed, not like other companies, which have to rely on those of the bitten apple to attract attention.

iPhone ads

A delicious video already at your disposal

There is a YouTube user named Hutch who has compiled all the iPhone ads from the original iPhone of 207 to the iPhone XS of 2018. Compiled in a video of just over 7 minutes, it is available to everyone on your channel. It is best that you take a look from here.

It is amazing to see not only how Apple mounts and directs its advertising campaigns, but also how the devices have changed since January 2007, when their first phone was presented. From the 3.5-inch screen of the original to the incredible definition in size 6.5 of the iPhone XS Max. From devices results in ones but little capable of wonders that make use of the Augmented Reality.

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A very curious document that makes us a retrospective in time and that will surely make you smile. Do you remember these ads? Which one did you like the most?

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