What sleeve do I use on my iPhone and why?

One of the most essential accessories that we all need when buying an iPhone is a good case. These are very expensive devices and repairs are not cheap either, so good protection is highly recommended.

The covers are something very personal that can give a unique touch to our iPhone, I usually change the cover every few months and now I just acquired a very peculiar one. It is a semitransparent cover that leaves the side margins exposed and I will tell you why I like it so much.

iPhone Case

A different case for my iPhone

Over the last few years, I have had covers of all types and colors and I like to change every pore time. My previous case was already quite original and it was already made of fabric, although its design, let’s say it was more traditional, wrapping almost the entire device.

The change to this new cover is more than notorious since it changes both the design and the materials. This new case is made of semi-transparent blue plastic, it is also available in more colors, except in the upper and lower areas where the plastic becomes more robust and is no longer transparent. It is noted that these zones are designed to better absorb the possible blows due to a fall.

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The most original of this case is that the sides of the iPhone are on the air, the case protects the corners but then disappears. This gives us a very nice feeling in the hand since it almost seems that we will not take anything. However, you also note that your iPhone is protected.

Both in the area of ​​the camera and in front, on the screen, the case stands out slightly, 0.3 mm according to the specifications, so that these elements are completely protected against a fall.

Another detail of this case is that it has a fastening ring that you can use or not depending on the moment. In my day today, I do not see it necessary, however, if I go on a trip and I’m going to use the iPhone a lot to take pictures, it’s a very good idea to ensure its support.

In these first days trying this new cover, I am quite happy and I recommend it completely. I bought it on AliExpress for just 3.5 euros, so its price does not mean a large outlay, and have availability for all iPhone models. It is a very original case that will give your iPhone a unique touch.

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