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How to Hide Icons from the Menu Bar on Mac

All Macs show by default a series of icons in the top menu bar. The time, the speaker’s icon, the WiFi and Bluetooth status.

The list is short when you release the computer, but as time passes and you are installing different applications the number of icons can become overwhelming and become a real headache.

How to Hide Icons from the Menu Bar on Mac

Some applications allow to hide the icon of the macOS menu bar without losing its functionality, but many others do not and the only way to remove the icon is to completely close the app.

What can you do if you want to keep the bar as to clear as possible to avoid distractions and at the same time do not want to lose functionality? The answer is Bartender 3, a software with which you can hide the icons of the Mac menu bar easily and intelligently.

Customize the menu bar of your Mac according to your tastes and needs

A bartender is one of those applications that may seem unnecessary, but once you get used to it you can not live without it.

With this application, you can hide all the icons in the menu bar with a single click or keyboard shortcut and you can also make them appear again with another click or keyboard shortcut.


In this way, you will be able to “clear” the menu bar to avoid distractions while you work and to have a greater sense of order in your computer. Something that, believe me, can make the difference when it comes to taking tasks forward.

But this is not Bartender’s only function. It will also be useful to see in a very visual way when an application is doing some task in the background. For example, you can set the icon of applications like Dropbox to be hidden and to be displayed only while you are synchronizing files, receive an invitation to join a shared folder or an error occurs. Once the action is finished, the icon will be hidden again automatically.

Do not you think it’s a great way to know at all times what’s happening on your team?


Other functions of Bartender 3 for Mac

Other of the most remarkable features with which this application for Mac has are:

Reorganize your icons

If for any reason you do not like the order that macOS has chosen to display the icons in the menu bar, with Bartender you can place them to your liking.

To move them, all you have to do is keep the CMD key ⌘ on the keyboard pressed and drag the icon with the mouse or trackpad to the position you want it to occupy.

Thanks to this function you can make the icons are arranged as you like for when you show them.

Search menu items

It is often quite difficult to locate a specific icon in the menu bar. The reasons may be very different, but the most common are an excess of icons and several of them are quite similar to each other.

In this case, Bartender’s integrated search will be very useful for you to directly access the icon you are looking for, without the risk of making mistakes over and over again until you find the right one.

Custom keyboard shortcuts

Custom keyboard shortcuts

The bartender is much more useful when you integrate it into your workflow and for that, having a series of personalized keyboard shortcuts is a great help.

Thanks to this function you can set the combination of keys that you want to use to show or hide icons, access the search engine, navigate with the keyboard, etc, etc …

Browse with the keyboard

Combining this function with the previous one, you can access any function of the icons in the menu bar without having to separate your hands from the keyboard of your Mac.

Very useful to improve productivity, you can do more in less time and thus have more time to do things that you really like.

Download Bartender for Mac

Download Bartender for Mac

If you have a problem with the icons in the menu bar of your Mac, you want to put some order and also want to be more productive with your Mac, Bartender is for you.

The application offers a free trial version for four weeks on its website and after this time you will have to acquire a full license to continue using it.

In addition, you can also access Bartender through Setapp. The application subscription service for Mac that I have recommended so many times and that I still do, because for a very low price you can access more than 100 first level Mac programs and very useful. You will save money and you will always have the perfect application at hand to do everything you need.

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