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How to Remove Pop-Up Notifications from macOS Updates

Undoubtedly, every user of macOS has at some point gone through that anguished and unpleasant situation of watching a movie or reading an article and suddenly emergent notifications appear to update the operating system. In today’s tutorial, we’ll see how to disable these pop-ups.

How to Remove Pop-Up Notifications from macOS Updates

To begin, it will be necessary to make clear that there are two ways to stop macOS update banner notifications:

Stop pop-up notifications of macOS updates using Terminal

In order to disable these types of notifications, we simply have to follow some simple steps.

Open the Terminal application   and write the following command:

sudo mv /Library/Bundles/OSXNotification.bundle ~ / Documents / && software update -ignore macOSInstallerNotification_GM

Stop notifications from the macOS update banner using Finder

There is another method that is equally simple, although a bit longer. For this method, we must use the Finder and move the library files responsible for displaying the notification. To do this we will explain below it is necessary to follow a series of steps:

Step 1: Open the Finder application on your Mac and click on  Go  ->  Go to folder.

Step 2: Write the next route and click  Go.  / Library / Packages /

Step 3: We will have to look for the file called ”  OSXNotification.bundle “. Then we will click on it.

Step 4: In this fourth step we will have to authenticate our administrator account to move the file.

Step 5: Once this is done, the previously mentioned folder should no longer show this package.

Step 6: Now finally we must open Terminal again and enter the following command:  software update -ignore macOSInstallerNotification_GM

How to Remove Pop-Up Notifications from macOS Updates

Step 7: To finish we will press Enter to execute the command and we will leave the terminal.

Following these steps, we will have successfully disabled this type of annoying notifications. Also, remember that to update the operating system when we really care only we must go to the menu and click on software updates to check if there is any available. 

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