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Apple and Google would be Affected after the Trump Ban

Another week begins and the news continues on the news that has put the world of mobile technology on its head, the opinion of Goldman Sachs, technology consultant with experience on the Chinese market, mention that the effects of the ban would bring collateral effects and Apple and Google would be affected.

Apple and Google would be Affected after the Trump Ban

The expert consultant mentions that Apple and Google would be affected with the inclusion of Huawei to the blacklist of the US president since for both China is a very important market and the company that would be affected in the immediate future would be Apple in the sale of your iPhone.Apple and Google would be Affected after the Trump Ban

As we already know, many North American companies besides Apple and Google would be affected by the decision of Trump, in the case of hardware the Chinese market has to win since its ability to get high-quality phones and latest technology would matter more than the system operative according to Sachs.

The alternatives to Apple and Google

Gregor Angus Berkowitz, managing partner of GBA, mentions that there is a risk for Google, since after the decision of Trump the Chinese company would be in need of not only designing its own operating system but to promote applications and services outside China, as well Giants such as Apple and Google would be affected at the software level.

Apple and Google

Given this possibility, the direct rival for Google would be Baidu, its Chinese counterpart, this popular search engine could join several suppliers to spread across the planet, with this it could become the default search engine for markets such as India and Africa whose service could be email and online transactions.

Apple and Google

With emerging markets also Apple and Google would be affected as the loss of access to Android updates could be overshadowed by the supply of high-quality hardware at affordable prices along with alternative software, with this would be a double blow for both American giants.

Apple and Google

The side effects of the decision taken by the president of the United States would come faster than it seems if China so wishes, not only the economy on the part of Apple and Google would be affected, to lose the Chinese market Apple would fall approximately in 29% of global benefits and Google would be faced with a tough rival created by this conflict.


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