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Catalyst launches Waterproof Cases for New iPads Pro

Apple has made iPhones waterproof for some time, but iPads have never gotten the same benefit – which is a shame, especially if you’re thinking of taking your tablet to the beach or pool, or just want to leave it more protected in the hands of children. Now the Catalyst accessory manufacturer has the ideal solution.

Catalyst launches Waterproof Cases for New iPads Pro

The aptly named Waterproof Case makes the 2018 iPads Pro effectively waterproof, IP68certified to provide protection for tablets drowned in up to 2 meters of water. In addition, the accessory also protects the iPad from impacts, with the promise of keeping their fine (and fragile) bodies intact at drops of up to 1.2m in height.

The accessory brings some extra benefits, such as easy access to all device ports, a special camera aperture for iPads (which improves the process of taking underwater shots), and acoustic membranes that allow the passage of sound from the speakers two tablets. The package even comes with an adjustable stand, to position the iPad at a comfortable angle for viewing or typing.

With rubberized edges, acrylic back and integrated screen membrane, the case has the benefit of being relatively compact and does not turn your iPad Pro into a war tank – of course, the equipment will inevitably get thicker and heavier, but we’re not talking here of the OtterBox cases, for example.

From the level of protection, it was to be expected that the cases did not come cheap – and really do not go away: the 11-inch version of the iPad Pro will cost $ 150, while the cover for the 12.9-inch model will come out for $ 170. The accessories are pre-sold on the Catalyst website and will be released next month.

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