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New Version of iMovie Arrives with Green Screen Effects and more…

Apple has released so officially in the iOS version 2.2.7 of iMovie that comes with effect ‘ Chroma Key ‘, more than 80 new soundtracks and several new level images.

iMovie isvideo editing software application for iPhone and iPad that allows users to edit their own movies offering professional effects.

New Version of iMovie Arrives with Green Screen Effects and more...

Chroma Key

According to the source, this new update will allow users to insert new images or videos to set an edition.

Functionality that will be achieved through the Chroma Key technique that offers a new green or blue screen effect that can be adjusted with a 4-point mask and a force slider.

New sound music

Apple has introduced  80 new soundtracks to add as video music. This content will be represented in several genres, such as pop, chill, sentimental, among others, and they can be adjusted to match the duration of the movie.

Add images with transparent background

The Cupertino company has added other innovations in this version of iMovie since it will allow placing fixed images with transparent backgrounds such as logos or custom graphics to be added at the top of the video.

You can also add overlapping photos in order to create an image effect in the image and/or split screen, and we can choose to hide or show the border that surrounds the effects of this type of image.

Support for ClassKit and more

In addition, Apple has added ClassKit support, an option that will allow students to submit their video editing assignments using the Schoolwork application.

This version of iMovie will also come with options for users with videos in iMovie Theater since they can access this application from the three-point menu located at the bottom of the Projects screen.

The source points out that there will be additional options such as entering directly into the project’s editing screen when returning to iMovie from other applications.

However, you can no longer share content in iMovie Theater,  but you can save the content in iCloud to view them on other devices such as Apple TV.

Finally, Apple mentions that with this new version the problem that showed a black screen when previewing the video in full screen from an external screen was solved.


If we still do not have this new version, but if with the iMovie application we can update it through the App Store -> ‘Updates’.

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