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Apple: How to Add Magic Mouse 2 to iPad Pro with iPadOS 13

Apple, at the presentation of the new iPadOS, the operating system dedicated to the iPad, revealed that many surprises would appear on this device. In fact, the whole new operating system is a breath of fresh air. In addition, we can now add console commands and even mice. Third-party mice are seemingly simple to pair at this point, but Magic Mouse 2 is not that simple at all.

Today we will show how at this point, with the iPad Pro 13 beta 7 versions, we can “force” the iPad Pro to use Apple’s mouse.

Apple: How to Add Magic Mouse 2 to iPad Pro with iPadOS 13

iPad Pro increasingly a laptop in tablet format

We have no doubt that iPad Pro has a fantastic working capacity. Obviously, we are talking about the native functions of a tablet with everything that was boosted in the last update. In this sense, in addition to having a fluid system and more organized workflow, we can finally use features that sin late.

By way of example, we can now connect a dongle that allows us to read SD cards, USB sticks, external disks, all managed in the Files application.

Apple: How to Add Magic Mouse 2 to iPad Pro with iPadOS 13

How do I connect Magic Mouse 2 to iPad Pro 12.9 ″?

To use this tip, we use the iPad Pro 12.9 ″ with the iPadOS 13 beta 7 versions. The idea here is to connect the Magic Mouse 2 to the operating system and use it as if it were a conventional mouse in an operating system.

Apple allows you to connect certain devices through Accessibility. So, let’s go to Settings > Accessibility > Handle Control > Handles > Bluetooth Devices…

Inside, you probably won’t find anything paired for now. However, this is where we have to find Magic Mouse 2 there. Now turn on Magic Mouse 2 for the system to detect it.

Afterward, with the Magic Mouse turned on, it should detect and click on the iPadOS should sync the device.

Now, once connected, you can use the Apple mouse, but still without the gestures that characterize it. You can use a kind of tap to open items and drag to scroll pages vertically. Probably, already in the next beta version, Apple will provide full functionality for the Magic Mouse.

For now, it is not a congruent and stable use yet. Sometimes it gives, sometimes it is paired, but it does not appear.

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