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Apple ID: How to Change the Date of your Birthday

You all know that the ID of Apple is like the nationality document of each user. It is something that will always be with you and that you need to access Apple’s services, purchases and be able to use the devices and equipment. Well, this ID of Apple collects certain basic data of each user, such as name and age, among others. Next, we will see ways to change the date of birth and birthdays. It can be very useful for those who have it misconfigured, wrong or simply wish to change this information. We already anticipate that it is very easy and that it does not cost any effort.

Apple ID: How to Change the Date of your Birthday


Change your birthday on your Apple ID

Since having the date of your birth and birthday correctly is very important, you should not miss this tutorial. If you do not know how to change it, follow these steps as you want to do it from an iPhone or iPad or a computer, whether you have the MacOS or Windows system.

On the iPhone and iPad, it is very easy. You just have to enter Settings. Then you enter your name or your Apple ID. From it, you can modify any item such as your email, phone, name, password and even products. Inside, you should enter the “Name, phone, mail” section to see that type of data. And in that section, we will find below “Date of birth”. We set our date and that’s it. It’s that easy

On the Mac, you can do it from Settings> iCloud> Account data. Once inside we can modify any detail or data to our liking. It is always advisable to be sincere, especially considering that we use our Apple ID for purchases, subscriptions and problem-solving.

Apple ID: How to Change the Date of your Birthday

How to edit your Apple ID from the browser on any computer

If you are on a computer and want to do it from any browser, go to After logging in, you enter the “Account” tab and, by editing it, you can modify your data, much like the one we mentioned earlier.

If the user is under 13 years old or if he or she is younger than this age, there is another essential requirement. It must be within a Family for another user to authorize that type of adjustment. Apple guarantees the safety of children and children while providing adults with tools to control and allow them access.

And that’s how you can edit the birth date of your Apple ID.

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